Meaning and Lyrics of Guardian by Armlock

Song Lyrics meaning of Guardian by Armlock

About Armlock

Armlock is an Australian indie rock duo consisting of Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell.

Formed in Melbourne in 2019, the pair crafts a unique blend of lo-fi indie rock and dream pop, infused with elements of electronica and ambient soundscapes. Their music often features melancholic melodies, introspective lyrics, and a hazy, atmospheric production style.

Armlock’s debut EP, “Trust”, was released in 2021 to critical acclaim, showcasing their ability to create emotionally resonant tracks that balance vulnerability with a sense of restraint. The EP included standout tracks like “Guardian” and “Power of a Waterfall”.

The duo’s sound draws comparisons to artists like The xx and Beach House, while maintaining a distinctly Australian indie sensibility. Armlock continues to gain traction in the underground music scene, captivating listeners with their intimate and evocative sonic landscapes.

Meaning of Guardian by Armlock

“Guardian” by Armlock is a song that delves into themes of spirituality, guidance, and protection. The lyrics of the song speak of the presence of a guardian angel who provides guidance and support to the speaker.

In the first verse, the speaker describes feeling lost and searching for meaning. The presence of the guardian angel is highlighted as a comforting and guiding force in their life. There is a sense of retrospection and reflection on faith, both in the past and the future.

The chorus reflects a sense of reaching out physically and emotionally. The act of stretching hands to feel tendons, running a bath to witness flow, and calling up for breathing all suggest a desire for connection and reassurance. The mention of something or someone above hints at a higher power or spiritual presence.

The second verse continues the theme of seeking guidance and protection from the guardian angel. References to seashell angel lucky charm and Enochian, a language associated with angels, add mystical elements to the narrative. The speaker expresses a wish for well-being for the guardian angel’s family in exchange for personal wishes.

Throughout the song, there is a blend of vulnerability and trust in the relationship with the guardian angel. The outro repeats the word “Guardian” multiple times, reinforcing the importance and significance of this guiding presence in the speaker’s life.

Overall, “Guardian” portrays a deep sense of reliance on a spiritual entity for support and guidance in navigating life’s uncertainties. The intricate lyrics and imagery create a rich tapestry of emotions and connections between the speaker and their guardian angel.

Lyrics of Guardian by Armlock

Verse 1
Locked in the middle of my open door
My scissors carved out the four-four-four
Guardian angel from above
One who guides me true and such-and-such
Looking for a meaning, looking for more
I hear soft singing down the corridor
Faith in the present and in the past
And faith in the future that I'm yet to cast

Chorus 1
I stretch my hands
To see the tendons
I run a bath
Just to watch it flow in
I call you up
To hear some breathing
Somewhere up above
Something or someone

Verse 2
Ready my essence to be found
'Cause I'm seeing thеir number all around
Guide me safе, lead me from harm
My seashell angel lucky charm
Granted in my dream an audience
We spoke to each other in Enochian
I trust your family's in good health
So can I have these wishes all to myself?

Chorus 2
I stretch my hands
To see the tendons
I run a bath
Just to watch it flow in
I call you up (I call you up)
To hear some breathing (just to hear some breathing)
Somewhere up above (somewhere up above)
Something or someone

(Guardian angel from above)
(One who guides me true and)

Discography Armlock

Seashell Angel Lucky Charm

Release: 2024-07-12
Label: Run For Cover Records
1. Ice Cold
2. Fear
3. Guardian
4. El Oh Vee Ee
5. Seashell Angel Lucky Charm
6. Godsend
7. Fai
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2021-06-25
Label: Run For Cover Records
1. April
2. Two Shots
3. Turf War
4. Jade
5. Power of a Waterfall
6. Tabs
7. Hanging Like a Pendant
Tracklist Collapse
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