Meaning and Lyrics of golden hour by JVKE

Song Lyrics meaning of golden hour by JVKE

About JVKE

JVKE, born Jake Lawson, is a rising star in the pop music scene who burst onto the mainstream in 2020. This Rhode Island native gained initial traction on TikTok, where his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics quickly amassed a dedicated following.

His breakthrough came with the viral hit “Upside Down,” which showcased his knack for crafting earworm hooks and blending pop sensibilities with hip-hop influences. JVKE’s music often features introspective lyrics paired with lush, atmospheric production.

“golden hour,” released in 2022, further cemented JVKE’s place in the pop landscape. The track’s dreamy production and heartfelt vocals exemplify his ability to create emotionally resonant pop anthems. It became his highest-charting single to date, breaking into the Billboard Hot 100.

JVKE’s rapid ascent in the music industry is a testament to both his songwriting prowess and his savvy use of social media to connect with fans. As he continues to evolve as an artist, JVKE is poised to become a major force in contemporary pop music.

Meaning of golden hour by JVKE

“Golden Hour” by JVKE portrays a story of young love and the feelings of euphoria and timelessness that come with it. In the song, the narrator reminisces about a picturesque moment spent with their partner, highlighting the beauty and joy found in simple, intimate moments.

In the Verse 1, the narrator describes a scene of two lovers connecting in a car, listening to music, and enjoying the colors of the sky. Despite the mundane activities, there is a sense of magic and innocence in their interactions. The mention of a missed call from the narrator’s mother adds a touch of reality to the romantic setting.

The Pre-Chorus emphasizes the deep connection between the narrator and their loved one, portraying the partner as someone who illuminates their world. The imagery of glittering skin and radiant beams suggests a transcendent love that transcends physical light.

The Chorus highlights the transformative power of love, depicting the partner as a source of brilliance in the narrator’s life. The “golden hour” symbolizes a moment of perfection and beauty, where time seems to stand still in the presence of the beloved.

In Verse 2, the lyrics delve deeper into the intensity of the bond between the lovers. The carefree nature of their relationship is evident as they drive aimlessly, soaking in the summer sun and music. The partner is portrayed as someone with a captivating aura, bringing a sense of vitality and endless energy to the narrator’s life.

The repetition of the Pre-Chorus and Chorus throughout the song reinforces the idea of this golden hour being a timeless and transformative experience. The imagery of glow, glory, and light used to describe the partner emphasizes their exceptional qualities and the profound impact they have on the narrator.

The Instrumental Outro serves as a musical conclusion to the narrative, allowing the emotions and sentiments evoked by the lyrics to linger and resonate with the listener.

Overall, “Golden Hour” by JVKE captures the essence of youthful love, highlighting the enchanting moments shared between two people and the lasting impression that love can have on one’s life.

Lyrics of golden hour by JVKE

Verse 1
It was just two lovers
Sittin' in the car, listenin' to Blonde
Fallin' for each other
Pink and orange skies, feelin' super childish
No Donald Glover
Missed call from my mother
Like, "Where you at tonight?"
Got no alibi

I was all alone with the love of my life
She's got glitter for skin
My radiant beam in the night
I don't need no light to see you

It's your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)
You slow down time
In your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

Verse 2
We were just two lovers
Feet up on the dash, drivin' nowhere fast
Burnin' through the summer
Radio on blast, make the moment last, she got solar power
Minutes feel like hours
She knew she was the baddest
Can you even imagine fallin' like I did?

For the love of my life
She's got glow on her face
A glorious look in her eyes
My angel of light
I was all alone with the love of my life
She's got glitter for skin
My radiant beam in the night
I don't need no light to see you

It's your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)
You slow down time
In your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

Instrumental Outro

Discography JVKE

this is what ____ feels like (Vol. 1-4)

Release: 2022-09-23
Label: JVKE
Popularity: 👏👏👏👏
1. this is what falling in love feels like
2. moon and back
3. golden hour
4. this is what heartbreak feels like
5. i’m not okay
6. ghost town
7. this is what sadness feels like
8. wonder if she loves me
9. save your breath
10. this is what falling out of love feels like
11. catch me
12. i can’t help it
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