Meaning and Lyrics of Glorious by Kate Hudson

Song Lyrics meaning of Glorious by Kate Hudson

About Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson is a talented musician known for her captivating vocals and soulful lyrics. With a unique blend of pop and indie elements in her music, she has garnered a dedicated following of fans. One of her notable songs, “Glorious”, showcases her impressive vocal range and emotive storytelling. Kate Hudson continues to create music that resonates with listeners around the world.
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Meaning of Glorious by Kate Hudson

“Glorious” by Kate Hudson is a song that seems to reflect on a past relationship that was filled with both beauty and challenges. The lyrics convey a sense of nostalgia and longing for the moments spent together.

In the first verse, the cold and the “western line” could represent a journey or a path the couple took, perhaps symbolizing a difficult or distant road they walked together. The mention of memories held in a lock hints at treasured moments cherished by the singer. Despite the singer’s strength and independence (“I came up strong, knew what I was made of”), there is a recognition of a missed opportunity for a deeper connection with the partner.

The pre-chorus touches on themes of struggle and heartbreak, with a plea for help and a desire to preserve the good memories despite the pain of loss. The chorus brings a sense of reflection and acceptance, acknowledging that the relationship, despite its imperfections, was “glorious” and worth remembering until the “end of time.”

In the second verse, the partner is described as someone who is adventurous and always seeking excitement (“Always looking for trouble… Always chasing down the rain”), but perhaps never quite finding the fulfillment they sought. This could suggest a sense of unfulfilled dreams or desires within the relationship.

The pre-chorus again expresses a wish for a different outcome and a longing to rewrite the past, indicating a desire to change the course of events that led to heartache and separation. The chorus repeats the sentiment of the relationship being remembered as “glorious” and highlights the special bond that existed between the two.

The outro brings a touch of sadness and acceptance of the loss, acknowledging that despite the challenges and the pain of separation, the love shared was special and unforgettable. The repeated refrain of “you were glorious” emphasizes the importance of the partner in the singer’s life and suggests a sense of gratitude for the moments shared.

Overall, “Glorious” by Kate Hudson appears to be a heartfelt reflection on a lost love that was significant and impactful, despite its complexities and eventual end. The song conveys a mix of emotions, including love, longing, regret, and acceptance, making it a poignant tribute to a past relationship that was deeply valued by the singer.

Lyrics of Glorious by Kate Hudson

Verse 1
It's cold on the western line
We ride along, we weren't scared
I held his hand down a pretty lock
It holds memories of years gone by
I came up strong, knew what I was made of
I took on life a bit untamed
But I could see a restless fire in his eyes
A love that never came

Help me get through this
Tainted long and easy to break
Your heart has left me again
Let light shine on our last days
Let us rеmember it well

It was glorious
Thе times it was the two of us
And if that is all we ever known
Then we'll take it to the end of time
Oh, it was glorious

Verse 2
Always looking for trouble
Came up wild, he was never shy
Always chasing down the rain
Was for a pot of gold, it never came

I wish I could turn this around
Tell you, you don't have to go down that road again
We can write a different ending
Going back to where we've been

And it was glorious
The times it was the two of us
And if that is all we ever known
Then we'll take it to the end of time
Oh, it was glorious

Oh, and it was good enough
Just to know that it was you I lost
What we had may have brought back
But our love, it is never found
Oh, you were glorious
Oh, you were glorious
When it was just the two of us
And it was glorious
When it was just the two of us

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