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Song Lyrics meaning of GENTO by SB19

About SB19

SB19 is a Filipino boy band formed in 2016. The group consists of members Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They gained popularity for their energetic performances and impressive vocals. SB19 is known for blending pop, R&B, and hip-hop in their music, creating a unique sound that has captured the hearts of many fans. They have made a significant impact in the Philippines and have gained international recognition as well.
One of SB19’s popular songs is “GENTO,” a catchy track that showcases their strong vocals and dynamic choreography. The song has garnered millions of views on online platforms and has become a fan favorite for its infectious melody and powerful lyrics.

Meaning of GENTO by SB19

“Gento” by SB19 is a Filipino song that conveys themes of perseverance, self-discovery, and overcoming challenges. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles and triumphs encountered on the journey towards success.

In the first verse, Pablo and Josh express a sense of determination and individuality. They talk about waking up early and working hard without settling for mediocrity. Pablo questions his own identity amidst external perceptions, highlighting the need for authenticity in a world that can be judgmental. The use of “Marumi” (dirty) as an example of negativity reflects the artists’ defiance against such criticisms.

The pre-chorus by Stell, Justin, and Pablo further emphasizes resilience and self-assurance. Despite facing obstacles and detractors, there is a recognition of inner strength and the ability to rise above challenges. The lyrics speak of empowerment and the importance of staying grounded amidst criticism.

The chorus sung by Ken, Pablo, Josh, Stell, and Justin delivers a powerful message of striving for excellence and not settling for less. The repeated mention of “Gento” symbolizes a rare and precious find, representing the pursuit of one’s dreams despite difficulties. The lyrics encourage listeners to dig deep, akin to unearthing gold, and to persevere in achieving their goals.

The post-chorus by Pablo reinforces the idea that valuable achievements are not easily attained, emphasizing the rarity and significance of personal accomplishments. It serves as a reminder to cherish the journey and not give up when faced with adversity.

In the second verse, Josh, Pablo, and Ken share their personal narratives of overcoming hardships and remaining steadfast in their pursuits. There is a sense of defiance against rumors and gossip, with a focus on staying true to oneself despite the challenges encountered. The references to Darna and a strong work ethic echo the artists’ dedication to their craft and their refusal to be discouraged by obstacles.

The pre-chorus by Justin and Stell highlights the ongoing struggles faced on the path to success. Despite acknowledging the difficulties, there is a belief in a brighter future and the potential for growth and improvement. The lyrics remind listeners to stay focused and persevere in the face of adversity.

The song concludes with an outro sung by all members and Pablo, urging listeners to keep pushing forward despite obstacles. The repeated mention of “Gento” serves as a metaphor for the rare and valuable opportunities that can be attained with perseverance and determination. The lyrics encourage embracing one’s uniqueness and refusing to settle for the ordinary.

Overall, “Gento” by SB19 is a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to stay resilient, embrace their individuality, and continue striving for success despite the challenges encountered along the way.

Lyrics of GENTO by SB19

Verse 1: Pablo, Josh
I want some, I get some, no later
I woke up and baked that potato
Got carbed to shape me for major
But I stay me, not mediocre
Look at me, tell me what you see
All Gucci? But the real question is, "Who's really me?"
A movie's definitely not my reality
'Cause you see, "Marumi, marumi, marumi"
Ewww, kadiri

Pre-Chorus: Stell, Justin, Pablo
Yeah, I'm gonna see you later (Later)
Pagkatapos kong mag-shower (Shower)
Medyo ramdam ko na'ng power (Power)
Pero kulang pa sa sour mga hater kaya
Alamin ang mga bagay-bagay
'Di pwedeng anay sa'king bahay
Tahimik lang daw ang matibay
Pero 'pag tinopak talagang mag-iingay (Gento)

Chorus: Ken, Pablo
Gento, gento
'Di 'to basta-basta bingo
Need mo makumpleto parang bento
Gento, ano, kaya mo?
Pilit na hinukay ang bumbunan
Makakita lang ng ginto, ginto
Kahit na wala pang hinto ciento por ciento
Bawat bitaw ko, mismo, 'eto kaya mo?
'Di ka basta-basta makakakita ng gento

Post-Chorus: Pablo
Gento, mm, yeah, yeah, gento, gento
'Di ka basta-basta makakakita ng gento

Verse 2: Josh, Pablo, Ken
'Di ko na kailangan lumunok ng bato
Hindi mala-Darna 'to, aandar ang makina ko
Tanging mekaniko ay ako, 'la nang moni moniko
Sa daming pinagdaanan, nagpatong na'ng istori ko
Usyoso mga chismoso, halika't pumanhik na rito, uh
'Di naman talaga madali, aminin ko pa man o hindi
Sa likod ng mga tagong paghikbi, kayamanan kong hapdi
Panis 'to, laging alisto, kahit pa si Mephisto
Tiklop 'pag nag-beast mode na bihis ko
No rush I can do this all day (No rush)
Twenty-four mentality like Kobe (Mamba)
The harder I work, the harder I play
Walang "home court" sa'kin, sasalpak kahit "away"
Heto na nga, heto na nga, wala nang magdadadada
'Pag ako ang umangat, diretso sigaw, "Baba, baba"
Ako ay galing sa lupa
Kahit pilitin mong hukayin, 'ding-hindi mo makukuha

Pre-Chorus: Justin, Stell
Yeah, I know this isn't over (Over)
'Di pa tapos ang disaster (Disaster)
Alam ko na, I'm in danger (Danger)
But I'm betting you sooner magiging better kaya
Alamin ang mga bagay-bagay
'Di pwedeng tambay sa'king bahay
Lahat ng magtaas ng kilay
Susunugin ng matuto namang magnilay

Chorus: Josh, Justin, Stell
Gento, gento (Ooh, yeah)
'Di 'to basta-basta bingo
Need mo makumpleto parang bento (Oh-oh)
Gento, ano, kaya mo? (Gento)
Pilit na hinukay ang bumbunan
Makakita lang ng ginto, ginto (Ooh-ooh)
Kahit na wala pang hinto ciento por ciento (Oh-woah)
Bawat bitaw ko, mismo, 'eto kaya mo? (Mismo)
'Di ka basta-basta makakakita ng gento

Instrumental Break

Outro: All, Pablo
Halukayin mo na parang gento
'Wag kang hihinto sa ordinaryo
Kahig pa, sige, hanggang sa magdugo
'Di ka basta-basta makakakita ng gento
Gento, gento, gento, gento, gento, gento (Ahh, gento)
Halukayin mo na parang gento (Gento, gento)
'Wag kang hihinto sa ordinaryo (Gento, gento)
Kahig pa, sige, hanggang sa magdugo
'Di ka basta-basta makakakita nito

Discography SB19

Get In The Zone

Release: 2020-07-31
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Popularity: 👏👏👏
1. Alab (Burning)
2. Go Up
3. Tilaluha
4. Love Goes
5. Hanggang Sa Huli
6. Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo
7. Love Goes – EDM Version
8. Tilaluha – Instrumental
9. Hanggang Sa Huli – Instrumental
Tracklist Collapse
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