Meaning and Lyrics of Fading by Fool Nelson

Song Lyrics meaning of Fading by Fool Nelson

Meaning of Fading by Fool Nelson

The song “Fading” by Fool Nelson portrays a dramatic and intense moment between the characters of Helen, Paris, Agamemnon, Menelaus, and other unnamed characters in a story inspired by the mythological tale of Helen of Troy.

The lyrics reveal a conversation between Helen, who is trying to warn Paris about the dangers he faces by staying in the palace, and Paris, who seems devoted to her and unaware of the impending threats. Helen expresses her frustration and fear, emphasizing that the situation is a trap orchestrated by Agamemnon. She urges Paris to escape and seek assistance from a fisherman to sail to Troy. Despite her efforts to make him understand, Paris seems hesitant at first due to his admiration for Helen but eventually agrees to leave with her.

Agamemnon’s appearance adds tension to the scene as he commands his guards to find Paris and Helen. Menelaus is revealed to be furious and determined to retrieve Helen at any cost. Agamemnon, seeking power and control, asserts his leadership and initiates plans for confrontation with the Trojans.

The song captures the conflicting emotions of love, betrayal, fear, and power struggles among the characters. Helen’s desperation to escape, Paris’s dilemma between love and danger, Agamemnon’s thirst for dominance, and Menelaus’s anger and desire for revenge are all highlighted in the lyrics.

Overall, “Fading” delves into the complexities of human emotions and motivations in the face of impending conflict and the consequences of choices made in the heat of the moment.

Lyrics of Fading by Fool Nelson

HELEN, spoken
Paris, this has gone far enough

So we meet again
Sweet Aphrodite

HELEN, spoken
I’m not Aphrodite!

I always knew
I dedicate my life to –

HELEN, spoken
Ugh. Give me strength

To you

Why the hell don't you shut up and listen?

PARIS, spoken

You haven’t got a clue
You just don’t what's going on
It's not a palace
It's a prison
And they intend to keep you here
I don’t need ? strangers
Who have no sense of danger
I don’t know why I bother
Why should I give a damn?
It’s Agamemnon’s plan
Why can’t you understand
It's what any fool could see

PARIS, spoken
But they seem quite friendly

He will murder you when he has used you
You honestly don’t know him
I would trust him just about as far as you werе ? him
And Paris, would you please
For the gods, just gеt off your knees

PARIS, spoken

Stop your adoration
I don’t need complications
I'm not a goddess
I am King Menelaus’ wife
And any fool could see what potential enemies will steal
Too much to close to get
I don't know what I'm doing

Here we are
Standing together

Oh, Paris

Face to face
Heart to heart

HELEN, spoken
Aren’t you listening?

The way we were meant –

HELEN, spoken
I must be going mad

To be

HELEN, spoken
Don’t you understand?
It’s a trap
You got to get away
Andruste, go to the fisherman

ANDRUSTE, spoken
Yes, ma'am

We must find that Trojan galley
And Paris, listen
If we can time it right
Get past the guards without a fight
And if we are lucky you’ll be sailing for Troy tonight
Your life is in their hands
Why can’t you understand it's

Any fool like me could see
Yes I know what you’re trying to say

HELEN, spoken
Oh Paris
This shouldn’t be happening

So tell me why if you think so little of me
Don’t you just turn and walk away

Any fool could see
Any fool could see
By the gods, what's happening to me?
We must leave
Before it's too late

Fetch my brother
It seems we have a problem
Now I’ll show them a leader
Now they’ll know who’s the leader
They’ll play follow the leader
For me

What’s going on in here?

Just what’s the problem

Ah, Agamemnon, I’m sorry to tell you
That Ulysses and the others don’t agree

Gentlemen, I remember before
How several of you seemed slightly unsure
That the Trojan dog wouldn’t offer a threat
Ah. You wanna bet?
That smiling fool had the time of his life
He laughed at you as he twisted the knife
And the price, Menelaus, you paid the price
He has abducted your wife

Find them
Find them!
Bring me back that Trojan ?
I don’t care if he’s alive or dead
And if I find some Greek traitor has helped him escape
Just bring me back his head

So Ulysses, are you with us now?
We’ll be wealthy men when the battle’s done

Ah, but what are the gods, Agamemnon
What are the gods
Whose side are they on?
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