Meaning and Lyrics of Eyeshadow by No Devotion

Song Lyrics meaning of Eyeshadow by No Devotion

About No Devotion

No Devotion emerged from the ashes of Welsh rock band Lostprophets, following the shocking downfall of their former frontman. In 2014, Geoff Rickly of post-hardcore legends Thursday joined forces with the remaining members to form this new project.

Blending elements of post-punk, new wave, and alternative rock, No Devotion crafted a sound that was both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Their debut album, “Permanence” (2015), showcased this sonic evolution, with tracks like “Eyeshadow” exemplifying their knack for moody atmospherics and infectious hooks.

Despite critical acclaim, the band faced challenges, including lineup changes and extended hiatuses. However, they made a triumphant return in 2022 with their sophomore album, “No Oblivion”, further refining their brooding yet catchy style and cementing their place in the post-punk revival scene.

Meaning of Eyeshadow by No Devotion

“Eyeshadow” by No Devotion conveys a sense of admiration, longing, and introspection through its poignant lyrics. The song opens with a delicate image of a fleeting moment of sunlight touching the eyes, highlighting the fragility and beauty in a simple gesture. The singer urges the listener not to overlook such moments of beauty and to hold onto them.

The repeated reference to “the black shadow of your eyes” in the chorus suggests a contrast between darkness and light, implying that even within darkness, there is an opportunity to find something bright or hopeful (“where’s the silver lining”). This could be interpreted as a metaphor for finding positivity or hope in challenging or difficult situations.

The mention of lightning flashing in the canyons of the lips adds an element of intensity and passion to the narrative. The lyric that “life is too short for us to speak in long sentences” may suggest a desire to express deep emotions or sentiments concisely and powerfully, emphasizing the urgency or fleeting nature of life and relationships.

The reference to saints breathing in prayer and the declaration of belief in the listener in the midst of uncertainty or darkness conveys a sense of faith or loyalty. The repetition of “I believe in you” emphasizes a strong conviction and support for the listener, reinforcing themes of admiration and emotional connection.

Overall, “Eyeshadow” explores themes of beauty, fleeting moments, hope within darkness, intensity of emotions, and unwavering belief in someone. The contrasting imagery and emotionally charged lyrics contribute to a song that evokes introspection, appreciation for small moments, and the complexity of relationships.

Lyrics of Eyeshadow by No Devotion

A little miracle of sunlight landed on your eyes
It's fragile in your lashes
Don't blink and don't look down
'Cause I believe in all the days we lived a dream:
No shade until the black clouds

So tell me, where's the silver lining?
I stand in the shadow of your eyes
Tell me, where's the silver lining in the black shadow of your eyes?

A little gasp of lightning flashes in the canyons of your lips
'Cause life is too short for us to speak in long sentences
I believe in all the saints who live and breathe in prayer for you to stop


I'd believe in anything: I believe in you


Discography No Devotion

No Oblivion

Release: 2022-09-16
Label: Velocity Records
1. Starlings
2. No Oblivion
3. A Sky Deep and Clear
4. Love Songs from Fascist Italy
5. The End of Longing
6. Endless Desire
7. Repeaters
8. In a Broken Land
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2022-06-06
Label: Velocity Records
1. Break
2. Permanent Sunlight
3. Eyeshadow
4. Why Can’t I Be with You
5. I Wanna Be Your God
6. Death Rattle
7. 10,000 Summers
8. Night Drive
9. Stay
10. Addition
11. Grand Central
Tracklist Collapse
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