Meaning and Lyrics of Excalibur by Good Morning

Song Lyrics meaning of Excalibur by Good Morning

About Good Morning

Good Morning
Good Morning is a musical duo formed by Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons in Melbourne, Australia. Their music is known for its dreamy indie pop sound with catchy melodies and lush harmonies. With influences ranging from 60s pop to modern indie rock, Good Morning has garnered a dedicated following for their unique and laid-back approach to songwriting.
One of their popular songs, Excalibur, showcases their signature style with its hazy guitar riffs, mellow vocals, and introspective lyrics. The duo continues to create music that resonates with fans around the world, earning critical acclaim for their distinct sound and intimate live performances.
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Meaning of Excalibur by Good Morning

The song “Excalibur” by Good Morning seems to delve into themes of disillusionment with modern society, observation of violence and consumerism, and reflecting on personal experiences and interactions.

The lyrics depict a sense of detachment and observation, as the narrator witnesses scenes of chaos and decadence, from witnessing extravagant events to violence on the streets. There is a commentary on the superficiality of the world, where things may appear glamorous or intense, but underneath it all, it’s just a facade, much like how things look on television compared to reality.

The mention of being in Paris in the desert could symbolize a sense of displacement or disorientation, where what should be familiar or expected is juxtaposed against something foreign or unfamiliar. This could be a metaphor for feeling out of place or out of sync with the world around.

The repetition of not knowing where the chorus line begins or ends, but still continuing to sing it over and over, could reflect a sense of falling into patterns or routines, even if they might not make sense or have a clear purpose. It could indicate a sense of resignation to a cycle that keeps repeating itself.

The reference to the sex and violence that is easy to sell could be commentary on how sensationalism and shock value are used to capture attention and make profit in the media and entertainment industry. There is a cynicism in how these aspects of society are presented and consumed.

The song also touches on personal interactions or missed moments, like not thanking someone for a jacket or feeling a sense of regret for not expressing gratitude. These details humanize the narrator and add a layer of introspection to the narrative.

Overall, “Excalibur” seems to reflect on the complexities and contradictions of modern life, the allure of spectacle, the pitfalls of consumerism and violence, and the quest for meaning or connection amidst the chaos.

Lyrics of Excalibur by Good Morning

Well all that to see on the one night!
I saw it all alright
How’d they get that thing inside?
It can’t have been cheap, hope they got a fair price
And it’s between you and me but it don’t look much different than it does on the TV
At least now I can say that we’ve been
Paris in the desert and then you’re home in a week

And you don’t even know the chorus line ends or where it begins but I know that we’ll keep singing it over again

So you catch a fresh glimpse into hell
A man down and the cops broke his teeth and he was screaming for help
Well it’s only here and that’s how they’ll tell it
All that sex and violence makes it so easy to sell it
And over there by the pyramid, right next to the fountains and the Empire State Building
Could have sworn that I was present for the minute
No I never said thanks for that jacket

And you don’t even know that the chorus line ends or where it begins but I know that we’ll keep singing it over and over again and that’s the sin

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