Meaning and Lyrics of Dopamine by Cobi

Song Lyrics meaning of Dopamine by Cobi

About Cobi

Cobi, born Jacob Schmidt, is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his soulful vocals and bluesy rock sound. Hailing from Grand Marais, Minnesota, Cobi first gained attention as a member of the Boston-based band Gentlemen Hall.

After going solo in 2016, Cobi released his breakout single “Don’t You Cry For Me”, which garnered millions of streams and caught the ear of industry heavyweights. His powerful voice and emotive performances quickly earned him comparisons to artists like Jeff Buckley and Gary Clark Jr.

Cobi’s debut EP, “Songs From The Ashes (Part 1)”, dropped in 2017, showcasing his raw talent and introspective songwriting. The track “Dopamine” exemplifies his ability to blend vulnerable lyrics with soaring melodies and gritty guitar work.

Since then, Cobi has continued to evolve his sound, incorporating elements of electronic and alternative rock into his music. He’s toured extensively, opening for acts like Lenny Kravitz and performing at major festivals. With his unique voice and passionate performances, Cobi remains a rising star in the modern rock landscape.

Meaning of Dopamine by Cobi

The song “Dopamine” by Cobi appears to be a reflection on the intense and addictive nature of a relationship, drawing parallels between the feelings experienced in love and the chemical high of dopamine in the brain. The lyrics suggest a tumultuous emotional journey, likening the experience of being with a person to a powerful drug that brings both ecstasy and despair.

In the first verse, the singer describes being taken to euphoric heights by their partner, feeling a rush of emotions like never before but also recognizing the potential danger in getting too close. The reference to getting “higher than I’d never gone” implies a sense of recklessness and thrill, comparing the relationship to flying too close to the sun and the inevitable fall that follows.

The chorus emphasizes the addictive power of this connection, with dopamine being portrayed as a metaphorical drug that has a grip on the singer, providing temporary relief but also causing a sense of dependency. The repeated plea to be set free suggests a desire to break free from the intense emotions that come with such a volatile relationship.

In the second verse, the singer admits to struggling with the extreme highs and lows of the relationship, describing feelings of instability and being caught up in a cycle of addiction. The mention of bipolar and manic tendencies alludes to the volatile nature of the feelings involved, hinting at a sense of chaos and unpredictability.

The interlude provides a moment of reflection, perhaps symbolizing a brief respite from the intense emotions before the cycle of addiction and craving starts again in the final chorus. The repeated refrain of dopamine having its hooks in the singer reinforces the idea of being ensnared in a captivating but ultimately destructive connection.

Overall, “Dopamine” appears to explore the complex dynamics of love and desire, illustrating how the pursuit of intense emotions can sometimes lead to a dangerous and consuming path. The song captures the bittersweet essence of relationships that are as thrilling as they are destructive, leaving the listener with a sense of both yearning for freedom and resignation to the addictive pull of love.

Lyrics of Dopamine by Cobi

Verse 1
You're the reason why I crashed so hard
Took me to the sky and got me higher than I'd never gone
I knew it'd be my death, just like the rest
Who got too close to the sun
I knew I'd never get this high again, not with anyone

Oh-oh-oh, dopamine
You've got your hooks in me
The way you hit me with dopamine
Oh, set me free, ooh

Verse 2
Getting hard to manage all the times I go from high to low
Bipolar and manic, not the way life's supposed to go
You made me an addict, now I'm tragically attached
Thеre's no hope, for me
I will go wrеak havoc if I can't have you right now in my blood stream

Oh-oh-oh, dopamine
You've got your hooks in me
Oh, hit me with dopamine
Oh, set me free, baby, oh-oh


Oh-oh-oh, dopamine
You've got your hooks in me
Oh, hit me with dopamine
Set me free, baby
Oh, dopamine
You've got your hooks in me
The way you hit me with dopamine
Oh, set me free, ooh

Discography Cobi

Love In The Wildwood

Release: 2023-05-12
Label: Antifragile Music
Popularity: 👏
1. All On You
2. Bonafide Living
3. Can’t Have It All
4. Temptation
5. Just My Luck
6. Pressure
7. Telepathic Powers
8. Desperate Man
9. The Frame
10. Drifting Aimlessly
11. That’s The Thing
12. Dopamine
13. Can’t Have It All (Acoustic)
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Songs From The Ashes

Release: 2021-11-05
Label: Antifragile Music
1. Fool’s Gold
2. Queen Of The Damned
3. You’re Mine
4. Everything You Need
5. Skin Deep
6. Eavesdropping
7. Better Days
8. Shadows
9. She’s An Artist
10. Operator
11. Pour One For Me
12. A Long Time Ago
13. Hard Feelings
14. Keep Climbing
15. Highs & Lows
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Is this LOVE? or Lust, Limerence… I think this is more about Lust or even infatuation… NOT love…

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