Meaning and Lyrics of Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa) by MC Reino

Song Lyrics meaning of Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa) by MC Reino

About MC Reino

MC Reino is a Brazilian funk and rap artist known for his energetic and dynamic musical style. He gained popularity for his catchy and upbeat songs that often feature insightful lyrics about life in Brazilian favelas. One of his known songs is Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa), which showcases his unique blend of funk and rap music. MC Reino’s music often explores themes of love, resilience, and celebrating success despite challenging circumstances.
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Meaning of Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa) by MC Reino

The song “Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa)” by MC Reino tells the intricate and painful life story of a young woman named Porsha, beginning from her birth in 1988. The lyrics delve into Porsha’s upbringing, her struggles, and the challenges she faces as she navigates through life.

Porsha’s life is heavily influenced by her mother, Wanda J, who instills in her the importance of self-reliance and resilience. Wanda J’s battle with addiction to crack cocaine leaves Porsha to fend for herself, leading her to make difficult decisions and endure hardships at a young age.

The song vividly describes Porsha’s journey, including moments of violence, teenage pregnancy, and inner turmoil. Despite experiencing pain and trauma, Porsha strives for a better life for herself and her family, even as she grapples with the harsh realities of her circumstances.

The lyrics touch upon themes of family, loss, forgiveness, and the harsh realities of life in vulnerable communities. Porsha’s story reflects the complexities of growing up in challenging environments and the ways in which individuals must navigate adversity to survive.

Through vivid storytelling and raw emotion, the song portrays Porsha’s resilience and strength in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Ultimately, the song serves as a poignant reminder of the human capacity for endurance, hope, and the pursuit of a better future, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Lyrics of Dono da Porsche (Bom Dia Princesa) by MC Reino

I'ma give you a tru story this nonfiction
So get off Instagram tune in and just vibe with me
Another untold story I had to bring bars with me

It give me chills cuz I know the ending is hard twisted

This girl named Porsha it started off 1988
The year that she was born at TMH on a rainy day
Birthday August 8 mam name Wanda J
And all the niggas had a thing for her cause he model waist

See Wanda J was bout her cake
She used to always hear mam say
A nigga ain't gone give you shit
You want some money find a way
And every fuckin day you wake just pray

Cause you can die today
And always be a leader
Don't go round doin what Simon say
Teenage years hit, shД got attached with the trenchДs

Cause her mama fell victim to the crack epidemic
She was young and confused
It put her back at the scrimmage
And made her do some things in life

She had to ask for forgiveness
Just another day at Apalachee Ridge
A whole neighborhood full of some ratchet ass kids
Right on Kendall drive this was back

When we was tits
She beat a bitch to sleep
And then right after she was finished
She had a name for herself

They started callin her Peabody
Bitch go to mouthin off
Lil P comin to see bout her
When she heard her mother was on crack

It made he knees wobbly
Mentally it used to fuck with her
Im just gone be honest
Fuckin with all type of niggas
Like she made it a trend

Livin at grandma fanny house
She used to stay in the den
At 16 her life changed the news came in the wind
She start crying when she found out

She was pregnant with twins
Abortion runnin through mind
She feel like breakin the bridge
It's all happenin so fast it ain't makin no sense
Im only 16 ain't got time to be raisin no kids

And every time I think about it
Make me angry again
If I tell mama bout it
I'm getting a whoopin tonight
But that bitch too busy pushin a pipe

She won't even look to her right
And see what her daughter tryna
Push in her life
She ain't never round
She like a fuckin crook in the night

I'm fed up I'm tired of this
So I'm booking a flight
I just want a better life
I'm out here lookin for light

I tell grandma bout it
But she just say give it to Christ
But I ain't tryna hear that shit
Cause I ain't feelin that hype
They don't understand my pain

They ain't livin my life
Contemplatin suicide with some pills and a knife
Mama done got real sick she ain't feelin too bright
This is way too much stress
I need to build a new life
I'm 17 years old
I'm way too grown now
I dance every now and then yeah I do shows now

I be trappin with my brothers
I got two phones now
But my pain run deeper than a kukoc shot
Yeah she can't believe that
She 7 months pregnant

I could've got rid of this baby
On like several occasions
This shit drivin me crazy
I barely done fainted

Split personalities you see how
My character changing
I had a dream the other day
That I got married in Vegas
But that dream a nightmare

Cuz it got buried and shaded
My whole life I been a loner
Both of my parents they faded
I know it broke your heart
And it do hurt to hear when I say this

She was forced to the streets
Because it's all that she knew
And this story ain't fiction
Just know all of its true
She started livin that life

She got caught in the swoop
She tried to leave but she couldn't go
She was caught in the noose
My brother will and lil dayday
We all in cahoots

Police jump behind the coupe
Better call a pursuit
I did this story in one day
I wrote in all in the booth
The lights off plus my baby daddy

Doggin me too
And these kids do is cry
I don't even sleep no more
No time to myself
I ain't at even at peace no more

I went to church the other day
They don't even preach no more
Me and mom dukes going through it
We don't even speak no more

But she keep coughin so I ask her
Why you so sick mama
Why you just won't get off that shit
Why you won't quit mama

I know you feel it in yo heart
I know this song hit mama
This right here worser than
Eatin cold grits mama

That's when she said to her baby
I got AIDS
Ima reflection of you
Its like im layin in a maze

Started cryin like
Mama why would you make up such a thing
I can't just see you dying
Livin in that suffer stage
Im not healthy baby

I don't think ima live long now
Im tired of crying everyday
Seem like the tears gone now
But everyday I continue

To just be real strong now
If I find out who gave it to you
He getting killed on spot
That news turned her heart to plywood

She left grandma house
And then moved out to Brywood
She stayed finessin a duck nigga
Cause she could lie good

I'm just gonna use him
That's what I was taught in my hood
My whole life Im tired of
My sister just got locked up for a murder

She put a shell in a nigga back
Like a turtle
She went to trial but she lost
This what was the verdict
They gave her life plus 30

Now she takin a lil journey
Damn that's when she got the call
That her mama died
And she just started crying

She was heartbroken and traumatized
Putting tears in her palm
Like she throwin up the number five
She was southside bound
She ain't fuck with the other side

A year later damn her brother died
It made her numb inside
This emotional pain
These ain't butterflies
It left her sick to her stomach

I feel her pain cuz the streets
Done took more than one of mine
See lil P name was ringin in the trenches
But she ain't listen when I told her
To stop hangin with them bitches

They end up snitchin
Had her name in the mission
Her face changed when she see
That they came as the witness
Trial date comin soon

She steady getting bad news
A guilty verdict made her feel like
She just ate some bad food
I got the news I was with moon

Down in Cancun cuz all you got in prison
Is books letters and tattoos
A year later I wrote her a letter
And told her how the world is
It done got cold as ever

She said they gave me 25 I can't hold it together
This might be my last letter
I'm gone forever
P.S. Porsha

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