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Song Lyrics meaning of Demian by ALEPH


ALEPH is a French electronic music producer and composer known for his haunting, atmospheric soundscapes and genre-bending approach to electronic music.

Born in Paris, ALEPH began his musical journey experimenting with synthesizers and digital audio workstations in his teenage years. His unique sound blends elements of ambient, techno, and experimental electronic music, creating immersive sonic experiences that often defy easy categorization.

ALEPH gained recognition in the underground electronic scene with the release of his debut EP “Ego Death” in 2016. His track “Demian,” a mesmerizing composition featuring ethereal synths and hypnotic rhythms, showcases his ability to craft emotionally resonant electronic music.

Since then, ALEPH has continued to evolve his sound, collaborating with various artists and releasing several EPs and singles. His live performances are known for their intense, trance-like atmosphere, often incorporating visual elements to create a multi-sensory experience.

ALEPH’s music often explores themes of introspection, transformation, and the human psyche, drawing inspiration from literature, philosophy, and personal experiences. His artistic vision continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, cementing his place as a rising star in the contemporary electronic scene.

Meaning of Demian by ALEPH

“Demian” by ALEPH delves into profound themes of self-discovery, internal struggle, and the quest for meaning in life. The song’s lyrics contemplate the narrator’s existential crisis and deep longing for liberation and enlightenment.

In the first verse, the narrator expresses confusion and a sense of being trapped in an insular world that they cannot fully comprehend or escape from. There is a poignant realization of the potential for a life unlived and the fear of mortality looming ahead if not free from these metaphorical chains.

The chorus serves as a plea for emancipation, a desire to break free from the confines of one’s internal barriers and experience life fully. The request to be led into the light and shown the beauty of the aurora symbolizes a yearning for enlightenment and a glimpse of the extraordinary amidst the mundane.

Moving into the second verse, the imagery of clouds whispering and the contemplation of human destiny reflect on the mysteries of life and the inevitability of mortality. The narrator questions whether their fate is predetermined to perish even before truly being alive, pondering the contrast between the wonders of existence and the decay that surrounds them.

The recurring chorus amplifies the longing for liberation and a yearning to embrace life wholly, a desire to transcend the limitations and darkness that encase the narrator’s being. There is a longing to be seen and understood, a desire for connection and recognition of one’s inner struggles.

Overall, “Demian” by ALEPH is a poignant reflection on the complexities of human existence, the search for identity, and the yearning for freedom from internal and external constraints. It invites the listener to contemplate their own journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of light within the shadows of life’s uncertainties.

Lyrics of Demian by ALEPH

알레프 "Demian" 가사

Verse 1
I, I don't know
What is going on
한 번도 깨지 못한
나의 작은 세상은
난 태어나지 못했어
이러다간 아마 이대로
죽어버릴지 몰라

Bring me out of here
Let me break my shell
Break through
나 살고 싶어요
Lead me to the light
Show me the aurora
Would you?
나 보고 싶어요

Verse 2
Clouds are whispering
The law of human destiny
Am I destined to the death before the birth?
What a wonderful world, oh
Ah, 이제는
썩어가는 냄새가 나
이러다간 정말 이대로
죽어버릴지 몰라

Bring me out of here
Let me break my shell
Break through
나 살고 싶어요
Lead me to the light
Show me the aurora
Would you?
나 보고 싶어요

Discography ALEPH

21' Archive

Release: 2022-01-16
Label: Studio White Hands, MinimalLife
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