Meaning and Lyrics of DEMBOW BÉLICO by Tito Double P

Song Lyrics meaning of DEMBOW BÉLICO by Tito Double P

About Tito Double P

Tito Double P is a rising star in the Latin urban music scene, hailing from the Dominican Republic. Born and raised in Santo Domingo, this dynamic artist has been making waves with his infectious blend of dembow and reggaeton.

Bursting onto the scene in the late 2010s, Tito Double P quickly gained attention for his gritty lyrics and pulsating beats that capture the essence of Dominican street culture. His breakout hit, “DEMBOW BÉLICO,” showcases his signature style – a hard-hitting fusion of aggressive flows and militaristic dembow rhythms.

Known for his distinctive raspy voice and unapologetic approach to lyrical content, Tito Double P has become a pivotal figure in the evolution of dembow. His music often addresses themes of urban life, social issues, and the raw energy of Caribbean nightlife.

As he continues to climb the ranks of Latin American music, Tito Double P’s influence on the genre is undeniable. His collaborations with other dembow heavyweights and his ability to innovate within the genre have solidified his position as one to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of Latin urban music.

Meaning of DEMBOW BÉLICO by Tito Double P

The song “DEMBOW BÉLICO” by Tito Double P is a gritty and energetic track that delves into themes of power, prowess, and the lifestyle associated with it. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world where strength, control, and confidence reign supreme.

In the first verse, the artists describe a scene of preparation and readiness for action. There are references to weapons, camaraderie, and a sense of being on top of the situation. The use of slang and imagery like a “Scar” and a flamethrower sets a tone of edginess and boldness. The mention of military clothing and being prepared for war suggests a mindset of dominance and authority. The artists assert their position and identity confidently, hinting at involvement in activities that others might view as controversial.

The chorus, performed by Tito Double P, reinforces a sense of being in control and unapologetically embracing a certain lifestyle. References to substances and an unflinching demeanor convey a message of confidence and defiance.

In the second verse, there is a celebration of success, camaraderie, and the enjoyment of life’s pleasures. The artists exude an aura of sophistication and indulgence, with mentions of expensive whiskey and a lavish lifestyle. There is a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among the group, as they navigate through their world with a sense of unity and purpose.

The chorus, this time sung by Luis R. Conriquez, repeats the theme of indulgence, control, and confidence. The repetition of certain phrases emphasizes a sense of consistency and assertion of identity.

The outro, delivered by Luis R. Conriquez, serves as a closing statement affirming the unwavering nature of their lifestyle and mindset. The repetition of “no se baja por si solo” reinforces a sense of resilience, strength, and determination, suggesting that they will not falter or back down easily.

Overall, “DEMBOW BÉLICO” by Tito Double P presents a robust and unapologetic portrayal of a lifestyle that is marked by power, control, and a defiant attitude. The lyrics exude a sense of dominance, camaraderie, and self-assuredness, painting a vivid picture of individuals who are unafraid to stand out and assert their presence in the world they inhabit.

Lyrics of DEMBOW BÉLICO by Tito Double P


Verso 1: Tito Double P, Luis R. Conriquez & Joel De La P
Me levanto, un pinche baño y luego me pongo a forjar
Como dice de las rolitas que anda sonando por ahí
Ay, traigo un Scar, también tengo un lanzallamas
Y vienen bien locos todos los que me acompañan
Ay, prendan un cigarro de hoja
Vengo escuchando corridos, pero más el Motorola
Ay, me está marcando la morra
Se me hace que voy tendido porque tiene casa sola
¿Que qué?, ¿Que cómo?
Por ahí anda la plebada, por allá tirando plomo
¿Que qué?, ¿Que cuándo?
Dicen las malas lenguas que me metí de malandro
¿Que qué?, ¿Que cuál?
Que me vieron por ahí con la ropa militar
Y andamos francos, pero no con la mente en blanco
O sea que yo manejo algún contrato
Pero si hay fiesta yo me destrampo
Sé en lo que ando y ando en la guerra
Si no sabían, para que sepan
Siempre bien ajuareado a la orden de tres letras
Nos representan
Somos puro JGL para que lo sepan
(Para que lo sepan)

Coro: Tito Double P
Y trae pura morra high
Fuman puros babys y nomás toman Sky
Les gusta el rollo, yo controlo
Si me miran no se asusten si traigo los ojos rojos
Pásame otro Marlboro
Porque este pinche perico no se baja por si solo

Verso 2: Luis R. Conriquez, Tito Double P & Joel De La P
Y ando con el compa Mar
Tomándome un wisky Old Parr
Adentro de un pinche bar
Me la paso a todo dar
Es un placer saludar cuando voy a presentar
La Mayiza y la CH y a todos los demás
Que estamos pa' sumar, aquí no existe el restar
Aquí hay billetes de más para el pueblo alivianar
Hay que tener los huevos y centrada la cabeza
Brindemos por los negocios, traigan viejas y cerveza
Prendan uno de mostaza y de la que huele a fresa
Y de la que huele a fresa
Yo me desplazo solo o también con mis muchachos
No se me descuide que lo atraso
Nunca estorban los aparatos
Y sigo al tanto pa' dar pelea
Y no le calen porque se mean
Portamos los minis, empotrados los 50's
Fuerte la empresa
Yo toda navego la inicial que se respeta
Que se respeta

Coro: Luis R. Conriquez
Y trae pura morra high
Fuman puros babys y nomás toman Sky
Les gusta el rollo, yo controlo
Si me miran no se asusten si traigo los ojos rojos
Pásame otro Marlboro
Porque este pinche perico no se baja por si solo

Outro: Luis R. Conriquez
No se baja por si solo
No se baja por si solo
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