Meaning and Lyrics of Death Grips by Etta Marcus

Song Lyrics meaning of Death Grips by Etta Marcus

About Etta Marcus

Etta Marcus is a highly talented musician known for her unique style and captivating performances. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she began playing the piano at a young age and quickly discovered her passion for creating music. Etta Marcus has gained recognition for her soulful vocals and impressive songwriting abilities, exploring various genres and pushing the boundaries of modern music. One example song of Etta Marcus is “Death Grips“, a powerful and emotional track that showcases her dynamic vocals and evocative lyrics. This song has resonated with audiences around the world and solidified her reputation as a rising star in the music industry.

Meaning of Death Grips by Etta Marcus

The song “Death Grips” by Etta Marcus paints a vivid and intense emotional landscape through its haunting lyrics. The imagery presented in the verses and chorus delves into themes of love, betrayal, and the desire for escape.

In the first verse, the imagery of swimming in circles with clear water suggests a sense of stagnation or being stuck in repetitive cycles. The mentioning of tears and the desire to rip someone’s hand off when they touch the hair evokes a feeling of deep emotional pain and resentment. The line “You had it coming, you drown alone” hints at a feeling of justified retribution and the loneliness that can come from one’s actions.

The chorus further intensifies the emotions by depicting vivid dreams where the narrator is witnessing a burning apartment. The act of blowing a kiss and locking someone in the burning apartment symbolizes a complex mix of both love and a desire for control or vengeance. The repetitive imagery of needing saving and death grips waiting around encapsulates a feeling of being trapped in a dangerous and destructive relationship.

Moving to the second verse, the lyrics delve into the conflicting emotions of longing for a sweet connection while acknowledging the harsh reality of being involved with someone who is malicious and driven by manipulation. The desire to never have caught the person’s eye implies regret and a wish for a different outcome. The empathy expressed towards the next person who will fall victim to the manipulator’s ways conveys a sense of understanding and concern.

Throughout the song, there is a sense of entrapment, power dynamics, and a struggle for control within relationships. The repetitive nature of the dreams and the vivid imagery underscore the intensity and emotional weight of the narrator’s experiences.

“Death Grips” by Etta Marcus can be interpreted as a poignant exploration of love, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships. The lyrics evoke strong emotions and paint a profound picture of emotional turmoil and longing for freedom.

Lyrics of Death Grips by Etta Marcus

Verse 1
Swimming in circles, the water is clear
You like it better when you see my tears
When you touch my hair, I wanna rip your hand off
You had it coming
You drown alone

Lately, in all my dreams I am watching
You in a burning apartment
Blow you a kiss and I lock you in
Lately, in all my dreams you need saving
Death grips around you in waiting
Blow you a kiss and I lock you in

Verse 2
You wanna sweet thing, that’s what you told me
But you’re just a mean thing who lives for the game
I want a world where I never caught your eye
I feel for the fool that you pick next

Lately, in all my dreams I am watching
You in a burning apartment
Blow you a kiss and I lock you in
Lately, in all my dreams you need saving
Death grips around you in waiting
Blow you a kiss and I lock you in

Discography Etta Marcus

The Death Of Summer & Other Promises

Release: 2024-01-26
Label: Polydor Records
Popularity: 👏👏
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Tracklist Collapse
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