Meaning and Lyrics of dark days by 21 Savage

Song Lyrics meaning of dark days by 21 Savage

About 21 Savage

21 Savage
21 Savage, born Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph on October 22, 1992, is a British rapper and songwriter known for his unique style and raw lyrics. He gained mainstream success with his debut album “Issa Album” in 2017. 21 Savage’s music often reflects on his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, and his experiences with violence and poverty. One of his popular songs is “Dark Days,” which showcases his gritty storytelling and introspective lyrics. With his distinct voice and authenticity, 21 Savage has established himself as a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry.
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Meaning of dark days by 21 Savage

The song “Dark Days” by 21 Savage showcases deep and introspective lyrics that delve into themes of struggle, loss, self-reflection, and ultimately growth.

In the first verse, 21 Savage reflects on his journey to fame and how it contrasts with the challenges and choices faced by teenagers in the hood. The lyrics touch on the pain of losing friends, the importance of self-love, and the consequences of street life. It emphasizes the need to prioritize education and avoid falling into destructive cycles, highlighting the harsh reality of violence, materialism, and the impact of choices on loved ones.

The chorus sung by Mariah the Scientist echoes the sentiments of facing consequences and making difficult decisions, questioning the worth of risks taken and the fear of losing someone important.

The second verse continues the narrative with 21 Savage narrating personal experiences of loss, coping with grief, and the internal struggles faced when dealing with trauma. The lyrics talk about the emotional toll of witnessing violence, the need to support one another, the pain of incarceration, and the strain of living with past mistakes. It also mentions the pursuit of growth, change, and staying on a positive path despite challenges.

The bridge brings a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie, emphasizing the bond formed through shared experiences and hardships. It reflects on childhood memories, pain hidden behind tough exteriors, and the resolve to keep going despite setbacks.

The outro, spoken by Heather Carmillia Joseph, serves as a message of pride and hope, acknowledging the journey of growth and transformation. It highlights overcoming obstacles, striving for success, and the belief in the power of dreams and perseverance.

Overall, “Dark Days” by 21 Savage conveys a poignant message about resilience, self-awareness, and the complexities of life in challenging environments. The song captures the struggles faced by individuals trying to navigate personal demons, losses, and societal pressures while seeking redemption, growth, and a sense of purpose.

Lyrics of dark days by 21 Savage

Verse 1: 21 Savage
I finally got the fame and fortune that I prayed for
Who would have thought I would emerge from all that gun smoke?
This for all the teenagers that wanna gun tote
'Cause they cheaper in the hood than in the gun store (On God)
You gon' lose a lot of your friends and that's what hurt the most
You can't do nothin' but reminisce about y'all crackin' jokes
You feelin' like nobody love you, I know how that go
You gotta love yourself, lil' nigga, that's gon' help you glow (On God)
I know it might sound lame, but just stay in school (21)
They got a place that they put people who don't follow rules (Yeah)
You probably got your mama scared, don't wanna watch the news
Ready to risk your lifе and freedom for a pair of shoes
Yeah, you say you love your switch, but it don't lovе you back
You can hug that block all night, it ain't gon' hug you back (Facts)
Some of your friends gon' reincarnate and come back as rats (Pussy)
And after your candlelight, they ain't gon' give your mama jack
Now your brother kids askin' where they daddy at
So you gotta lie and tell 'em he just took a nap (Damn)
You done failed in the streets, so now you tryna rap
But that ain't really workin' for you, so it's back to trap, damn

Chorus: Mariah the Scientist
When it's all said and done
There's some things you can't run from
It's hard to decide
Either live or you die
I, I ask myself was it all worth the risk
'Cause I can't pretend (Yeah)
I can't stand the thought of losing you

Verse 2: 21 Savage & Mariah the Scientist
I know how it feel to see your dawgs stretched out (On God)
And watch him struggle tryna let his last breath out (Damn)
You don't wanna do it, but you lost some real niggas that you gotta step 'bout
One more seat left in the car, you gotta help out (Yeah)
Niggas stressed out (Yeah, yeah)
Probably why I tell the kids to put the guns down (Oh, facts)
Gangsta, but I still cry when nobody around
Tryna numb the pain, drinkin' bottles 'til I drown ('Til I drown, 21)
Never do no suicide
But I'd be lyin' if I said it hadn't crossed my mind
I hurt on the inside and I still act like I'm fine
Why the judge give my nigga Paul all that time? (Free Paul, hey)
Heard they lockin' niggas up for what they put in rhymes
Standin' on this shit (Oh), fuck it, I'm still writin' mines (Fuck 'em, oh)
This what growth look like, no more committin' crimes (21)
I stayed out the way and made a way for us to grind (21, 21)

Chorus: Mariah the Scientist
When it's all said and done (All said and done)
There's some things you can't run from
It's hard to decide
Either live or you die (Live)
I, I ask myself (Ask myself) was it all worth the risk (Was it all?)
'Cause I can't pretend (Yeah)
I can't stand the thought of losing you
All my dawgs too

Bridge: Mariah the Scientist & 21 Savage
Forever-ever Eastside (Eastside)
This shit 'posed to be for life (Supposed to be for life, 4L)
Jumpin' shit since we was five (21, five)
We got that fire, we was nine, nine
Even though I'm up, up
You can see the pain in my eyes
I mean like fuck love (On God)
But either way, I'm still gon' try
Got me fucked up (21)
Seein' my twin on Channel 5
I, 'cause even gangsters cry
I, I, I
Gangsters cry
Even gangsters cry
I, I, I
Even gangsters cry
(I, I, I)
21, 21

Outro: Heather Carmillia Joseph
My son, this is your time
I know your heart
And I've watched you rise above many challenges
And you have made me so proud
I pray for many more fulfilling experiences as you elevate to new levels of growth, purpose, and success
Dreams really do come true
By the grace of the source of life, so be it

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