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About Hurts

Musician Hurts:
Hurts is a British synth-pop duo consisting of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson. Formed in 2009 in Manchester, the duo quickly gained popularity with their debut album “Happiness” in 2010. Known for their emotional and cinematic music style, Hurts has produced hits such as “Wonderful Life”, “Stay”, and “Cupid”. Their unique blend of electronic music and poignant lyrics has garnered them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.
Song: Cupid
One of Hurts’ notable songs is “Cupid”, a track that showcases the duo’s signature sound with haunting melodies and introspective lyrics. Released as part of their album “Surrender” in 2015, “Cupid” is a poignant exploration of love and vulnerability, set against a backdrop of lush electronic production that characterizes Hurts’ music.

Meaning of Cupid by Hurts

“Cupid” by Hurts is a song that delves into themes of desire, passion, and possession. The singer addresses Cupid, the mythological figure known for shooting arrows to ignite love, and asks for his intervention in their love life. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and intensity, as the singer feels consumed by lust like a sickness. The imagery of Cupid’s arrows piercing the skin and igniting love reflects the idea of being captivated and controlled by romantic feelings.

In the chorus, the repetition of “I’ll never let you go” reinforces the singer’s determination to hold on to the object of their affection at all costs. There is a possessive and almost threatening undertone in the second verse, where the singer vows to make the person they love bleed if their heart is broken. This demonstrates the intensity of emotions and the fear of losing the one they desire.

The bridge, with the repeated cry of “Cupid, Cupid, I’ll never let you go,” underscores the singer’s plea for Cupid’s assistance in keeping their lover close. The outro, with the repeated statement “I’ll never let you go,” further solidifies the theme of possessiveness and the singer’s refusal to let their love slip away.

Overall, “Cupid” can be interpreted as a passionate declaration of love and a desperate plea to hold onto that love against all odds. The intense emotions and vivid imagery used in the lyrics create a sense of urgency and longing, making the song a powerful exploration of desire and possession in the realm of love.

Lyrics of Cupid by Hurts

Verse 1
Say a little prayer for me
Cupid, shoot your arrows into me
I feel lust like a sick disease
And my blood ignites
When I hold you close to me

And I'll never let you go
Cupid, I'll never let you go

Verse 2
Bring my lover to her knees
Pierce her skin
And make her fall in love with me
Cos I swear I'll make you bleed
If you break my heart
When I hold you close to me

Cupid, I'll never let you go
Cupid, I'll never let you go

Cupid, Cupid
I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go

Discography Hurts


Release: 2020-09-04
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏


Release: 2017-09-29
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏
1. Beautiful Ones
2. Ready to Go
3. People Like Us
4. Something I Need to Know
5. Thinking of You
6. Wherever You Go
7. Chaperone
8. Boyfriend
9. Walk Away
10. Wait Up
11. Spotlights
12. Hold on to Me
13. Magnificent</a
Tracklist Collapse

Surrender (Deluxe)

Release: 2015-10-09
Label: Columbia
Popularity: 👏
1. Surrender
2. Some Kind of Heaven
3. Why
4. Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us
5. Rolling Stone
6. Lights
7. Slow
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Wings
10. Wish
11. Perfect Timing
12. Weight of the World
13. Policewoman
Tracklist Collapse

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