Meaning and Lyrics of C4 (feat. Skilla Baby & Rob49) by 2Rare

Song Lyrics meaning of C4 (feat. Skilla Baby & Rob49) by 2Rare

About 2Rare

Musician2RareOne is a Detroit-based rapper and producer known for his unique blend of trap, drill, and hip-hop styles. He has garnered a loyal following for his gritty lyricism and dynamic beats. One of his popular tracks is “C4” featuring Skilla Baby and Rob49, showcasing his energetic flow and streetwise storytelling. Musician2RareOne continues to make a name for himself in the underground rap scene with his powerful and authentic music.
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Meaning of C4 (feat. Skilla Baby & Rob49) by 2Rare

“C4” is a high-energy hip-hop track that showcases the talents of 2Rare, Skilla Baby, and Rob49. The song delves into themes of hustling, romantic relationships, street life, and self-confidence.

The intro sets the tone for the song with a catchy hook comparing the female protagonist to a highly explosive substance, C4. It establishes a sense of intensity and danger right from the start.

Verse 1 by Rob49 highlights his confidence and prowess in dealing with women, money, and street life. He portrays himself as a successful and assertive figure who commands attention and respect. The lyrics exude a sense of bravado and assertiveness, showcasing his self-assurance and charisma.

In Verse 2, 2Rare brings his unique style to the track, boasting about his success and influence in the streets. He paints a picture of a high-profile lifestyle, with references to luxury brands, fast money, and the attention of women. His lyrics are bold and confrontational, reflecting his confidence and swagger.

The catchy chorus sung by 2Rare and Skilla Baby reinforces the idea of the female lead being explosive and desirable, likening her to C4. The repeated reference to her craving for affection adds to the allure and mystique of the character in the song.

Skilla Baby’s Verse 3 showcases his skills as a rapper and his experience in the streets. He delivers aggressive bars about his reputation, his interactions with women, and his readiness to defend himself and his crew. The lyrics exude a sense of danger and authority, portraying him as a formidable figure in his environment.

The song ends with a playful and upbeat outro by 2Rare, adding a lighthearted touch to the intense and bold nature of the track. The repeated refrain of “make it twerk then” adds a fun and energetic element to the conclusion of the song.

Overall, “C4” is a dynamic and engaging track that showcases the talent and charisma of the artists involved. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a high-stakes lifestyle, with themes of power, desire, and self-assuredness running throughout the song.

Lyrics of C4 (feat. Skilla Baby & Rob49) by 2Rare

Intro: 2Rare & Rob49
She the type to blow just like C4
Fiend for the D like I was givin' her dope (That shit still clappy, though)
Uh, uh (Yeah)
Got that beat from Jumbo (Uh, uh)
(That shit still clappy, though)

Verse 1: Rob49
Yeah, bad ho getter, real P pusher, bad ho fucker (Yeah)
I get turnt up when I'm fuckin' these slutties (Alright)
Yeah, call me "Mr. Drop-that-bag-and-get-shit-done-to-niggas" (Yeah)
Call me, "Mr. Pop-outside-with-all-the-bitches-with-me" (Yeah)
Call me, "Mr. Money-getter," bulletproof whipper, uh (Yeah)
Call me, "Mr. Pop-my-shit-likе-a-brand-new-pimple" (Yeah)
You know shе don't fuck with him, that's why she fuckin' me (For real)
You know that I'm ballin', could've played for Heat Elite (Uh-huh)
You know 2Rare bring all the TikTokers to the street (Yeah)
Proposin' to a what? Bitch, I put bitches on they knees (Uh-huh)
My neck and wrist on icy, come rock my mic, please (Yeah)
And I know that she like me, but can't do wifies (Yeah)

Verse 2: 2Rare
I'm the one from the trenches, got the hood TikTokin' (Uh-huh)
Ran them blues up so quick, they thought they seen Sonic
Like, what the fuck? Tryna chase me, bitches tryna rape me
How the fuck I keep it a hundred when niggas barely kept it eighty?
Lil' bitch, come through smellin' like Bacarat, yeah, she my type of thot
She be screaming, bae, "It's shot o'clock," she on my type of time
They seein' red wit all these red beams, that shit like chicken pox
They lost, it's not the end of the quarter yet, them pussies switchin' sides
You know this Glock Kodak Black, I can't stop, I won't stop (Uh-huh)
Don't you know your hair grow once you eat my cock?
Ayy, bend that ass over, yeah, I think we need to talk (Hello)
Stillettos with a fat ass, I love the way she walk (Come here)

Chorus: 2Rare & Skilla Baby
She the type to blow just like C4
Fiend for the D like I was givin' her dope (Huh, that shit still clappy, though)

Verse 3: Skilla Baby
She just want me 'cause I'm a rapping street nigga (Ha)
She don't want you because she lettin' me hit her (Ha)
I'm a top ten, but I'm not ten
Phone ringin' like I'm boxin' off the Roxannes
If you see me in the buildin', please don't let my opps in
He gon' either get punched by me or shot by my mans (Where that pole that?)
All this ice and gold on, I look like I'm Frozone (Ha)
You don't want me to have her, nigga, take your ho home (Go home)
I'm a fresh ass, put a threat on a threat ass (Shit)
I get dressed last, my bag elastic, a stretch bag (Yee, ha)

Chorus: 2Rare
She the type to blow just like C4
Fiend for the D like I was givin' her dope (That shit still clappy, though)
What? What? What?
That shit still clappy, though (Wow-wow, wow-wow)

Outro: 2Rare
I want a thirty inch bustdown middle part right now (Wow-wow)
Make it twerk then (Wow-wow, what?)
Make it, make it twerk then (What? What?), huh, ha
Make it twerk then
Make it twerk then (What? What?), uh
(Wow-wow) Yeah
(Wow-wow) Yeah
(Wow-wow) Yeah
(Wow-wow) Yeah

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