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Song Lyrics meaning of Blind by Hurts

About Hurts

Hurts is a British synthpop duo formed in Manchester in 2009, consisting of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson. Their melancholic electropop sound blends 1980s new wave influences with contemporary production techniques, creating a unique sonic landscape that’s both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

The duo burst onto the music scene with their debut album “Happiness” in 2010, which featured their breakthrough hit “Wonderful Life”. This record established their signature style of dramatic ballads and dark, pulsing dance tracks.

Hurts has released five studio albums to date, each evolving their sound while maintaining their core aesthetic. Their 2020 album “Faith” saw them embrace a more upbeat, pop-oriented direction without sacrificing their emotional depth.

The song “Blind”, from their 2015 album “Surrender”, exemplifies their ability to craft haunting melodies and poignant lyrics. It showcases Hutchcraft’s powerful vocals against a backdrop of sweeping synthesizers and driving beats, encapsulating the band’s knack for creating atmospheric and emotive pop music.

Known for their stylish image and theatrical live performances, Hurts has cultivated a dedicated fanbase across Europe and beyond, particularly in Germany and Russia. Their music continues to explore themes of love, loss, and human connection, resonating with listeners through its cinematic quality and raw emotional honesty.

Meaning of Blind by Hurts

“Blind” by Hurts is a haunting and emotional song that delves into the deep pain of heartbreak and loss. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person grappling with the aftermath of leaving a loved one and the torment of still feeling their presence everywhere.

In the verses, the singer expresses how the memories and reminders of the person they left behind continue to haunt them. They hear the voice and see the face of their former lover in everyday experiences, unable to escape the lingering feelings of love and heartache.

The bridge signifies the inner conflict within the singer. They acknowledge the presence of their past love but are filled with fear at the thought of seeing them move on and be better off without them. This fear leads the singer to shut themselves off emotionally, to the point of desiring to be blind to avoid the pain of witnessing their former partner flourishing without them.

The chorus, with its repetitive plea to have their eyes cut out and to be left blind, symbolizes the intense desire to numb the emotional agony and cease the constant reminders of the lost love. The weight of the world and the burden of heartbreak weigh heavily on the singer, causing them to feel unable to face the outside world and urging others to ignore their suffering.

In the final verses, the singer candidly admits their vulnerability and longing for the person they left behind. Despite the hurt and destruction that occurred in their relationship, the singer is tortured by the idea of their ex-partner moving on and finding happiness with someone else. The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the desperation and anguish of the singer, who would rather endure physical pain than face the emotional turmoil of separation and heartbreak.

Overall, “Blind” by Hurts captures the raw emotions of heartbreak, regret, and longing with evocative lyrics and a haunting melody, portraying the complexities of love, loss, and the deep wounds left by a broken relationship.

Lyrics of Blind by Hurts

Verse 1
Since the day I left you
I hear your voice in every sound
Since the day I left you
I see your face in every crowd
It won't go away

But every time I feel you near
I close my eyes and turn to stone
Cos now the only thing I fear
Is seeing you better off alone

Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind
Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind

Verse 2
With the weight of the world upon me
I can’t hold my head up high
So if you see me on the street
Turn away and walk on by

Cos after the beauty we destroyed
I’m cascading through the void
I know in time my heart will mend
I don’t care if I never see again

Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind
Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind

Verse 3
Girl, I told you
After all we’ve been through
I don't want to be by myself
Girl, I told you
That it would tear me in two
If I see you with someone else

Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind
Cut out my eyes
And leave me blind

Discography Hurts


Release: 2020-09-04
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏


Release: 2017-09-29
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏
1. Beautiful Ones
2. Ready to Go
3. People Like Us
4. Something I Need to Know
5. Thinking of You
6. Wherever You Go
7. Chaperone
8. Boyfriend
9. Walk Away
10. Wait Up
11. Spotlights
12. Hold on to Me
13. Magnificent</a
Tracklist Collapse

Surrender (Deluxe)

Release: 2015-10-09
Label: Columbia
Popularity: 👏
1. Surrender
2. Some Kind of Heaven
3. Why
4. Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us
5. Rolling Stone
6. Lights
7. Slow
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Wings
10. Wish
11. Perfect Timing
12. Weight of the World
13. Policewoman
Tracklist Collapse

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