Meaning and Lyrics of Bed Peace by Jhené Aiko

Song Lyrics meaning of Bed Peace by Jhené Aiko

About Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko
Jhené Aiko is an American singer-songwriter known for her soulful R&B music. She was born on March 16, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Aiko began her music career in the early 2000s and gained recognition for her smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. She has collaborated with artists like Drake, Big Sean, and Childish Gambino. Known for her ethereal sound and emotional depth, she has released several successful albums and singles in her career. One of her popular songs, “Bed Peace”, featuring Childish Gambino, showcases Aiko’s unique blend of R&B and hip-hop influences. Released in 2013, the song’s laid-back vibe and introspective lyrics captured the attention of music lovers and critics alike.

Meaning of Bed Peace by Jhené Aiko

“Bed Peace” by Jhené Aiko is a song that encapsulates the desire for a serene, intimate escape from the pressures of daily life. The lyrics of the song paint a picture of two lovers seeking solace in each other’s company, choosing to prioritize their connection over societal expectations and responsibilities.

In the first verse, Jhené Aiko expresses her wish to simply stay in bed until midday, share intimate moments with her partner, and enjoy a carefree time together without the distractions of the outside world. The theme of prioritizing love and personal connection over material pursuits is reinforced in the chorus, where she emphasizes that love is worth making time for and everything else can wait.

The second verse delves deeper into the desire for a carefree existence, suggesting freeing oneself from routine and expectations to indulge in moments of pleasure and relaxation. The sense of escapism and the focus on mutual understanding and support are evident as she sings about wanting to ease her partner’s mind and create a safe space for them both to unwind.

Childish Gambino’s verse adds a layer of introspection to the song, reflecting on the complexities of relationships and the struggle to balance personal desires with responsibilities. The lyrics touch upon the challenges of growing up and facing the realities of life, while also acknowledging the comfort and refuge that love can provide in difficult times.

In the final verse and outro, Jhené Aiko reinforces the message of cherishing the present moment and finding peace in each other’s company. The song highlights the importance of creating a sanctuary within the chaos of the world, where love, understanding, and intimacy can thrive.

Overall, “Bed Peace” conveys a message of seeking solace in love and human connection, choosing to prioritize moments of joy, intimacy, and understanding in a world full of distractions and obligations. It serves as a reminder to cherish the simple pleasures and find respite in the comfort of a loved one’s embrace.

Lyrics of Bed Peace by Jhené Aiko

Verse 1: Jhene Aiko
Wake up, wake up
Gotta get this paper, get this cake up
Gotta do my hair, gotta put on makeup
Gotta act like I care about this fake stuff
Straight up what a waste of my day
If I had it my way I'd roll out of bed
Say bout 2:30 mid day
Hit the blunt then, hit you up to come over to my place
You show up right away
We make love and then we f**k
And then you'd give me my space

Hook: Jhene Aiko
What I am trying to say is
That love is ours to make so we should make it
Everything else can wait
The time is ours to take so we should take it

Verse 2: Jhene Aiko
Wake up, wake up, bake up
Gotta heat the vape up
Lets get faded
Gotta call your job tell em' you won't make it
Ain't nobody here baby lets get wasted
We should just get naked
Cause I be working hard and I know you be on that same shit
Every other day's a different game that you just can't win
I just want to ease your mind and make you feel all right
So go head tell your baby mama you gon be with me tonight

Hook: Jhené Aiko
What I am trying to say is
(What I am trying to say is)
That love is ours to make so we should make it
(we should make it, we should make it)
Everything else can wait
(Everything else can wait)
The time is ours to take so we should take it

Verse 3: Childish Gambino
It's not love, but it's pretty close
Hot fudge and a little smoke
I didn't mean it means nothing to you
Hands locked on my black couch with nothing to do
Can't stop on cloud 20
Buried in the drugs, but the feels keeps coming
Finally stop crying, but your nose is still running
Wipe it on my shirt, (haha, on my sleeve)
You tell me that you wanna do it big
I love it when you say "guess what?" (What? What?)
Reading stories to some other n***a kid
And I wonder why I'm all messed up (up up up up)
Cause we gotta be responsible sometimes
Being a class act nevermind my alumni
I don't wanna be around a baby so dumb high
That I don't see the beauty of a momma on insides
Curled up with my head on your chest
It's the best remedy for the pain and the stress
If the world doesn't change then we'll never get dressed
It will be like this to the kiss of the death
Of my soul, bowl of the blue dream, no
Not a good team, one soul, two halves
No joke, who laughs?
Just us (Just us, just us)

Verse 4: Jhene Aiko
Okay, got this OJ and Jose
Mixed it up with that Rose
We gon' do this our own way
Alright, okay
What is it that you're smoking?
Piece it up with this peace and love
And this peace and love like the old days

Hook: Jhene Aiko
What I am trying to say is
(What I am trying to say is)
That love is ours to make so we should make it
(we should make it, we should make it)
Everything else can wait
(Everything else can wait)
The time is ours to take so we should take it

Outro: Jhene Aiko
We should stay right here
We should lay right here
Cause everything is okay right here
You should stay right here
We should lay right here
Cause everything is okay right here

Discography Jhené Aiko

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29. Summer 2020
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