Meaning and Lyrics of Bad Bitch by Luh Tyler

Song Lyrics meaning of Bad Bitch by Luh Tyler

About Luh Tyler

Luh Tyler
Luh Tyler is a rising musician known for their unique blend of rap and R&B. Hailing from Chicago, they have made a name for themselves with their catchy lyrics and smooth flow. Their hit song “Bad Bitch” showcases their talent and has garnered a large following. Luh Tyler continues to make waves in the music industry with their dynamic style and authentic storytelling.
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Meaning of Bad Bitch by Luh Tyler

The song “Bad Bitch” by Luh Tyler portrays a confident and self-assured attitude, with lyrics that emphasize independence and success. In the song, Luh Tyler talks about his wealth, business acumen, and the strong women in his life.

In the first verse, Luh Tyler asserts that he doesn’t need to flaunt his money because others already know he’s rich. He mentions taking care of his business and not needing to provide for his partner, as she is capable on her own. The verse also implies that despite his young age, he surrounds himself with mature and independent individuals.

The chorus repeatedly hails the woman in question as a “bad bitch,” a term often used to describe a confident and empowered woman. It highlights her self-assurance and assertiveness, emphasizing that she knows her worth.

The second verse delves deeper into Luh Tyler’s admiration for his partner, praising her beauty and independence. He applauds her ability to support herself financially and assist him in managing his earnings. Luh Tyler also reflects on his rise to success, acknowledging the importance of his fans and supporters in his journey. The verse ends with a reminder that loyalty and support are crucial, and that success can be fleeting if not handled with care.

Throughout the song, there’s a sense of swagger and bravado, with Luh Tyler celebrating his accomplishments and the strong, independent women around him. The upbeat tempo and confident lyrics create an empowering vibe, resonating with listeners who appreciate themes of self-assurance and empowerment.

Lyrics of Bad Bitch by Luh Tyler

Shu-shu, ski
Gang, yeah
(DDot cold as a motherfucker, on God)

Verse 1
I don't gotta flex no bands 'cause these niggas know I'm rich (Know I'm rich)
I been standin' on that business, fucked around, dirtied up my kicks (My kicks)
I know I'm a young nigga (Yeah), but I keep a grown bitch (On God)
I don't gotta give her nothin, my bitch got her own shit (Yeah)
They like, "Damn, Luh Tyler snappin', boy, keep goin', don't quit"
She just like some Tylenol, this bitch got to the dome quick (Ooh)
Niggas probably think I'm angry, boy, I swear, I'm mad rich (What?)

I don't even gotta tell her (Yeah), she know she a bad bitch (Bad bitch)
Bad bitch (Yeah)
Bad bitch (Goddamn)
Bad bitch
She know she a bad bitch (What? What?)
Bad bitch (On God)
Bad bitch (Yeah)
Bad bitch
She know she a bad bitch

Verse 2
My lil' bitch so bad, I swear, she a ten (Yеah)
Know how to get it by herself, shе don't need a man (Don't need a man)
Every time I do a show, she help me count them bands
She say she a rich bitch (Yeah), if you broke, you don't got a chance
I never really thought I'd blow, shout out to my fans (To my fans)
You know the rules, once you touch that dough, go put on your mans
I told her I just want the throat, ho, put on your pants
Any time the kid went broke, I ran it up again (Up again)
I can get them bands quick, this ain't nothin' to me (Nothin' to me)
Luh Tyler headed to the top, these niggas under me (They under me)
Bro keep it on hin, he'll sting you like a bumble bee
My bitch just told me she the one, you better not fumble me

She know she a bad bitch
Bad bitch (Yeah, yeah)
Bad bitch (Gang)
Bad bitch (On God)
She know she a bad bitch
Bad bitch (Nigga, what?)
Bad bitch (Yeah)
Bad bitch
She know she a bad bitch (Yeah)
Bad bitch (Yeah)
Bad bitch
Bad bitch
She know she a bad bitch
Bad bitch
Bad bitch (She a what?)
Bad bitch
She know she a—

Yeah, ayy
(Shu-shu) Ski

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