Meaning and Lyrics of Austin (Boots Stop Workin’) (Originally Performed by Dasha) [Instrumental] by Vox Freaks

Song Lyrics meaning of Austin (Boots Stop Workin’) (Originally Performed by Dasha) [Instrumental] by Vox Freaks

Meaning of Austin (Boots Stop Workin') (Originally Performed by Dasha) [Instrumental] by Vox Freaks

The song “Austin (Boots Stop Workin’)” by Dasha, as performed instrumentally by Vox Freaks, showcases a powerful message embedded in its lyrics. The track delves into themes of personal growth, overcoming challenges, embracing one’s unique identity, and the pursuit of success on one’s own terms.

In the intro, the artist sets the tone for introspection and self-expression in the year 2023. The verse begins by painting a picture of resilience and determination. The artist reflects on battling inner demons and reaching a point of recognition and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

The lyrics touch upon the artist’s journey back to a place of belonging, where they have earned respect and love from their hometown. Despite not craving material wealth, they remain open to opportunities that come their way, citing their humble upbringing as a source of grounding and perspective.

The artist celebrates their individuality and unique energy, metaphorically comparing their vibrant presence to the shimmering lights on the underside of a CD. Despite facing judgment and scrutiny, they stand tall and confident, appealing to both admirers and critics alike.

The references to pop culture, such as comparing themselves to a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z and Chi-Chi, add layers of depth to their identity. The artist also touches on the complexities of relationships, acknowledging past struggles and asserting their worth by seeking the right partner who appreciates their intelligence and wit.

The lyrics further express a sense of empowerment and self-assurance, with the artist exuding confidence in their abilities to navigate life’s challenges. They embrace their femininity, strength, and charisma, using metaphors of culinary creativity (like a maître d’) and sports prowess (MVP) to illustrate their magnetic presence.

The artist affirms their worth and talent, highlighting their work ethic and genes as factors that set them apart. The imagery of being covered in grease at a pitstop, staying on track, and missing little details showcases their sharp perception and focus in achieving their goals.

The song culminates in a declaration of passion and dedication to their craft, with references to music-making, dancing, and a deep connection to rhythm and beats. The artist’s multifaceted identity shines through, blending elements of strength, vulnerability, and creativity in a bold and unapologetic manner.

The instrumental production by Redlox Beats complements the artist’s lyrical journey, adding depth and intensity to the narrative. The track overall serves as an anthem of self-empowerment and authenticity, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality, pursue their dreams, and stand resilient in the face of challenges.

Lyrics of Austin (Boots Stop Workin') (Originally Performed by Dasha) [Instrumental] by Vox Freaks

One take Tantra, 2023
Let's go

I fought demons, now I'm blowin' up
Put in work, I hone my craft
Lost my way but I'm home at last
Gained respect and hometown love
Don't need cheques, cash and such
Private jets and a flashy car
But I won't say "No" if it comes my way
'Cause I grew up without havin' much
Green trees? Yes please, inhale and repeat
My energy shines bright colored lights like the underside of a CD
Females wanna be me, smart men wanna date me
Supported Chill, supported Kers' but on TikTok, they don't rate me
Why's that? Beats me, rappers got me on repeat
Super Sayain when I'm on the mic
In real life, I'm lookin' like Chi-Chi
Wild girl from the NT – Good vibes, I got plenty
Life goes quick and time is sly, for me, that's an incentive
I've visited hell, seen the dark side
By your side for the hard times
Stuck around and saw your dark side
It was knife to spine and the side eye
Waste of time, I tell him "Bye-bye"
Watch me try find the right guy
Wit on point like a fine line
Fit on point, I send the right vibe
f**k the world, let it rain on me
Dishing up heat like a maître D
Got the sauce so they pay to eat
MVP, I don't play for free
Puttin' in the work, I get paid a fee
Good genes, it's a vibe, not a fake ID
Just a little figure with a face on fleet
No plain jane, it's pretty plain to see
Covered in grease with my team at the pitstop
Find you off track, hand clean, wish wash
3 eyes wide, you know I don't miss much
In love with the bass drop
I get wild, cut shapes up
Spit bars when I wake up
MC to the AM, beats to the PM
Got the rhythm when I make love

Produced by Redlox Beats
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