Meaning and Lyrics of Attracted to You by PinkPantheress

Song Lyrics meaning of Attracted to You by PinkPantheress

About PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress, born Victoria Beverley Walker in 2001, is a British singer-songwriter and producer who burst onto the music scene with her unique blend of bedroom pop, drum and bass, and 2-step garage.

Raised in Bath, England, she began creating music in her university dorm room, gaining traction on TikTok with her short, catchy snippets. Her breakthrough came in 2021 with the viral hit “Just for me”, which showcased her ethereal vocals and nostalgic production style.

PinkPantheress’s debut mixtape, “to hell with it”, released in October 2021, further cemented her status as a rising star. The project featured tracks like “Passion” and “Pain”, which exemplify her signature sound of dreamy vocals over frenetic beats.

“Attracted to You” is a perfect example of her ability to craft hypnotic, bite-sized pop gems that leave listeners craving more. Her music often clocks in at under two minutes, a deliberate choice that reflects the fast-paced nature of modern content consumption.

Collaborations with artists like Mura Masa and Willow have further expanded her reach, while her 2022 single “Boy’s a liar” became her biggest hit to date, especially after a remix featuring Ice Spice went viral in 2023.

PinkPantheress continues to push boundaries, bridging the gap between underground electronic music and mainstream pop with her distinctive sound and enigmatic persona.

Meaning of Attracted to You by PinkPantheress

The song “Attracted to You” by PinkPantheress explores themes of confusion, fleeting emotions, and the struggle to move on from a past relationship. In the verses, the narrator expresses initial excitement and hope that they have found happiness but quickly realizes that it was only temporary. The mention of bringing flowers to the front door and dreaming about starting a relationship with someone they are not actually interested in suggests a feeling of emotional entanglement and self-doubt.

The lyrics convey the bittersweet realization that the initial attraction has faded, and the narrator acknowledges that what they once felt for the person is no longer there. The repetition of “Back at the start” underscores a desire to go back to a time when things were simpler, possibly hinting at nostalgia for the early stages of the relationship.

The outro of the song emphasizes the lingering presence of the person in the narrator’s thoughts, highlighting the difficulty of forgetting them and moving on. The repetition of “You’re in my head, so I can’t now forget you” reflects the idea that the memories and emotions associated with the past relationship continue to influence the narrator’s present state of mind, making it challenging to let go and move forward.

Overall, “Attracted to You” delves into the complexities of navigating feelings of attraction, love, and loss, capturing the internal conflict and emotional complexities that come with trying to reconcile past experiences with the present reality of a fading connection.

Lyrics of Attracted to You by PinkPantheress

I-I-I thought I found the answer to it (To it)
Eternal happiness tonight (Hey)
But it was just another blip in my heart
Sometimes I think of calling you up
To make myself look bad again
But now I'm bringing flowers to your front door
Last night I had a dream, we started dating now you're pissing me off
I know it's not l-l-love (Yeah)
It's not something I want
I'm not attracted to you, like I was
Back at the start (Back at the start)
Back at the start

You're in my head, so I can't now forget you
You're in my head, so I can't, so I can't now
You're in my head, so I can't now forget you
You're in my head, so I can't now forget you

Discography PinkPantheress

Heaven knows

Release: 2023-11-10
Label: Warner Records
Popularity: 👏👏👏
1. Another life (feat. Rema)
2. True romance
3. Mosquito
4. The aisle
5. Nice to meet you (feat. Central Cee)
6. Bury me (feat. Kelela)
7. Internet baby (interlude)
8. Ophelia
9. Feel complete
10. Blue
11. Feelings
12. Capable of love
13. Boy’s a liar Pt. 2
Tracklist Collapse

to hell with it (Remixes)

Release: 2022-01-28
Label: Warner Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Pain – Powfu Remix
2. Pain – LSDXOXO Remix
3. I Must Apologise – Sango Remix
4. I Must Apologise – Tommy Gold Remix
5. Last Valentines – WondaGurl Remix
6. Last Valentines – 2AAB Remix
7. Passion – Sam Gellaitry Remix
8. Just for Me – El Guincho Remix
9. Noticed I Cried – Flume Remix
10. Noticed I Cried – O.J.C Remix
11. Reason – Jarreau Vandal Remix
12. Reason – Evilgiane Remix
13. All My Friends Know – FKJ Remix
14. All My Friends Know – Anz Remix
15. Nineteen – Nia Archives Remix
16. Pain
17. I Must Apologise
18. Last Valentines
19. Passion
20. Just for Me
21. Noticed I Cried
22. Reason
23. All My Friends Know
24. Nineteen
25. Break It Off – Bonus
Tracklist Collapse

to hell with it

Release: 2021-10-15
Label: Parlophone UK
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Pain
2. I Must Apologise
3. Last Valentines
4. Passion
5. Just for Me
6. Noticed I Cried
7. Reason
8. All My Friends Know
9. Nineteen
10. Break It Off – Bonus
Tracklist Collapse

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