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Song Lyrics meaning of Afterthought by Joji

About Joji

Joji, born George Kusunoki Miller on September 18, 1992, is a Japanese-Australian singer, songwriter, and producer who has carved out a unique niche in the alt-R&B and trip-hop scenes. Originally known for his comedic YouTube persona Filthy Frank, Joji made a dramatic pivot to music, catching many by surprise with his melancholic and introspective sound.

Signing with 88rising, an Asian-focused music label, Joji released his debut EP “In Tongues” in 2017, followed by his breakout album “BALLADS 1” in 2018. The latter topped the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, making him the first Asian-born artist to achieve this feat.

Joji’s music, exemplified in tracks like “Slow Dancing in the Dark” and “Run“, blends lo-fi beats, atmospheric production, and his distinctive, often falsetto vocals. His 2020 album “Nectar” further cemented his status as a rising star in alternative R&B.

Afterthought“, a collaboration with BENEE from “Nectar”, showcases Joji’s ability to create hauntingly beautiful melodies paired with introspective lyrics. This track, like much of his work, demonstrates his knack for crafting emotionally resonant music that speaks to themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and existential angst.

Meaning of Afterthought by Joji

“Afterthought” by Joji is a melancholic and reflective song that explores themes of distance, regret, and longing in relationships. The lyrics paint a picture of two individuals who are struggling with the changes and challenges that have arisen in their connection.

In the first verse, Joji is expressing a sense of detachment and alienation from his partner, symbolized by the imagery of slipping away and the emotional pain that comes with it. He questions how things took a turn for the worse and acknowledges the rage and hurt that have crept into their dynamic, highlighting the internal turmoil he is experiencing.

The chorus introduces a shift in perspective, as Joji delves into a contemplation of being lost in a luxurious yet isolating environment. The mention of diamonds and paradise juxtaposes material wealth with emotional emptiness, suggesting that external beauty and comfort can sometimes mask internal struggles. The plea for the other person to shine bright amidst life’s complications reflects a desire for mutual support and resilience in the face of adversity. The metaphor of staying in the limelight like a beautiful afterthought hints at the bittersweet nature of memories and the lingering impact of past relationships.

The second verse introduces BENEE’s perspective, adding depth to the narrative. She expresses regret over past actions that have caused tension in the relationship and laments the distance that has grown between them. The longing for reconciliation and the acknowledgment of personal shortcomings add layers of vulnerability and introspection to the song.

The outro, with its repeated refrain of not wanting to forget or think about the other person, captures the essence of unresolved emotions and the lasting impact of a meaningful connection. The blend of Joji and BENEE’s voices in this section adds a sense of unity and shared pain, underscoring the complexity of human relationships and the difficulty of letting go.

Overall, “Afterthought” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the lingering presence of someone who was once significant in one’s life. The song navigates the delicate balance between holding on to memories and the inevitability of moving forward, capturing the essence of emotional vulnerability and human connection.

Lyrics of Afterthought by Joji

Verse 1: Joji
Lately, I've been slippin' away from you
Can you tell me, does it hurt today?
Yeah, there's no way, yeah (No way, no way, no way)
To burn, there's no flames, yeah (There's no flames)
Praying nine to five like a saint for you (Like a saint)
Can you tell me how it turned this way? (How?)
Yeah, things have changed, yeah (Yeah)
Yeah, filled with rage, yeah (Filled with rage)

Chorus: Joji
So lost in these diamonds
So lost in this paradise
Don't speed on that highway
We need you to shine bright
When life gets too complicatеd
Will you stand with me after dark?
I will stay in the limеlight
Like a beautiful afterthought
Like a beautiful afterthought

Verse 2: BENEE
Sometimes, you'd ask me for something different
Hated when you did it, I wish that you didn't
I would do things and you'd get annoyed, I
Should've never done them, I wish I was different
Why do we have to step away now?
It's been a year, been a couple days now
Since you called me sayin' you're worried
Been hard for me dealin' with this space now
No company, wishin' we could sit down
'Cause I'm sorry, but you don't want me

Chorus: Joji
So lost in these diamonds
So lost in this paradise
Don't speed on that highway
We need you to shine bright
When life gets too complicated
Will you stand with me after dark?
I will stay in the limelight
Like a beautiful afterthought
Like a beautiful afterthought

Outro: BENEE & Joji
I don't wanna forget about you
I don't wanna forget about you, oh
I don't wanna forget about you
I don't wanna think about it
Think about it

Discography Joji


Release: 2022-11-04
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8. Sanctuary
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11. Pretty Boy (feat. Lil Yachty)
12. Normal People (feat. rei brown)
13. Afterthought
14. Mr. Hollywood
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16. Reanimator (feat. Yves Tumor)
17. Like You Do
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Release: 2018-10-26
Label: 88rising Music
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10. R.I.P. (feat. Trippie Redd)
11. XNXX
12. I’LL SEE YOU IN 40
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