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Song Lyrics meaning of 5AM IN PHILLY by Meek Mill

About Meek Mill

Meek Mill: The Dreamchaser of Philly
Born Robert Rihmeek Williams on May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia, Meek Mill is an emblematic figure in the world of hip-hop. Emerging from the gritty streets of North Philly, he quickly rose to prominence with his raw talent and unapologetic realness. His relentless hustle and knack for storytelling set him apart, transforming him into a voice for many who share similar struggles. The Breakthrough and Beyond
Meek Mill’s breakthrough came with his mixtape series, Dreamchasers, which showcased his ability to blend heartfelt narratives with hard-hitting beats. Signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group in 2011, Meek solidified his status in the rap game with his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, in 2012. The title track itself became an anthem, echoing from street corners to stadiums. 5AM IN PHILLY
An exemplary track, “5AM IN PHILLY,” underscores Meek’s lyrical prowess and his unfiltered observations of urban life. The song is a testament to his relentless work ethic and his undying love for his city, capturing the essence of Philly’s raw, authentic spirit in every bar. Trials and Triumphs
Meek Mill’s journey hasn’t been without its trials. His legal battles have often placed him in the limelight, not just as a rapper, but as a symbol for criminal justice reform. Yet, his resilience is unwavering. Projects like Championships (2018) not only celebrated his return but also highlighted his growth both as an artist and as an advocate for change. Legacy in the Making
Meek Mill’s influence transcends music. He’s a philanthropist, an activist, and an entrepreneur. He continues to evolve, inspiring a new generation of dreamers and achievers, always staying true to his roots and proving that with relentless perseverance, dreams are indeed worth chasing.

Meaning of 5AM IN PHILLY by Meek Mill

“5AM IN PHILLY” by Meek Mill is a powerful and introspective song that delves into the harsh realities, struggles, and emotions experienced in the rapper’s environment, particularly in Philadelphia. The intro sets the tone with a plea for comfort and understanding during the tough and frightening times Meek Mill is navigating. It expresses a vulnerability and a yearning for support and compassion.

The verses vividly depict the violence, pain, and injustice prevalent in the urban landscape, highlighting the prevalent issues in Philadelphia. Meek Mill paints a grim picture of a world where violence is a norm, where children are victims, and the cycle of poverty and crime seems inescapable.

The lyrics touch on personal experiences, societal challenges, and the contradictions of fame and success in the face of ongoing struggles and tragedies. Meek Mill reflects on his own journey, from his rise in the music industry to the harsh realities he faces daily. He addresses the complexities of relationships, loyalty, and betrayal while facing the constant threat of danger and loss.

The song carries a sense of urgency and determination, emphasizing the need to speak out against the injustices and to strive for a better future. Meek Mill’s raw and honest delivery conveys a deep sense of empathy and resilience, showing his commitment to his roots, community, and personal growth despite the obstacles he faces.

Overall, “5AM IN PHILLY” is a poignant and poignant reflection on personal struggles, social issues, and the resilience needed to navigate through challenging circumstances. Meek Mill’s lyrical storytelling and emotional depth offer a glimpse into the complexities of life in the inner city, urging listeners to confront the harsh realities and seek understanding and change amidst the chaos and uncertainty.

Lyrics of 5AM IN PHILLY by Meek Mill

Scary times
Please, hold me close in these scary times
Don't say you love me and then change your mind
I need someone who understands
I'm just a man, just a man

Chopper by the bed, glizzy by the door
How you think I'm supposed to live when only thing I see is war?
Yesterday, was on the 'Gram, I seen a baby on the floor
They said they hit him with a bomb, and that kid ain't with his mom
And I'm used to seein' death 'cause I'm from Philly where n****s die
Where the blacks kill blacks and I can't even tell you why
I know n****s stuck in beef and they can't even tell you how
If you strapped, you go to jail, but if you ain't, you gon' die
(Scary times)
And yeah, I cried on the news when I had changed that law
And n****s still talkin' 'bout me, shit got changed for y'all (Please, hold me close in these scary times)
I been famous since eighteen, I ain't really change at all
(Don't say you love me and then change your mind)
n****s gettin' in your head, that shit might change your dog
I change my drawers, then put on my Glock when I wake up
(I need someone who understands)
Crazy part, that shit just made my block really break up
I'm the motivation, I made n****s get their cake up
(I'm just a man, just a man)
Caught n****s with their face down, and I made 'em put they face up
I been tryin' shine since Christina have had them Jacobs
Now it's Richard Millie when she see me fix her makeup
Flyin' twelve hours, I be in Ghana when I wake up
Ain't no real n****s believe that lyin' shit they made up (Scary times)
I stand on everything I said, well, I'ma stay up (Please, hold me close in these scary times)
Tryna take my homie out the country 'cause he cased up
My other brother, life inside a cell, they got him caged up (Don't say you love me and then change your mind)
Eighteen years and ain't seen him since, they tryna break us
I'm ridin' through the trenches, two hundred shots, they tryna take us
I gotta make it home to Lil' Poppy, he got an A plus
I'm so poppin', they throwin' propaganda, you better wake up (I'm just a man, just a man)
I'm just a—
How you gon' tell me you love me and change your mind?
I'm readin' everything, wrote a book about all your lies
I'm peepin' everything, so who crooked that's in the squad?
My homie lyin' to me while he lookin' me in my eyes, and shit (Change your mind)
It kinda hurt me, but really wasn't surprised (I need someone who understands)
When the blind lead the blind, it can really f**k your mind
And the time meet the time, you forty without a dime (I'm just a man, just a man)
And the only thing you own is a .40 and a little .9
So if he kill somethin', that's the only way he gon' shine
I got a Richie, he get sixty years, we both doin' real time
Only difference is, I made it rappin', puttin' in real time
I still be talkin' pain, shit, my people still dyin', still cryin'
It was crab in the barrel, still climb
n****s tried to put me down, when I got out, still throw a line
Doin' too much for these people, gettin' tough, ain't gon' lie
Like I ain't had the city flyin' private real time (Scary times)
I had n****s at the clearport that never been to the airport (Please, hold me close in these scary times)
Actin' like they got an attitude, f**k is you here for?
Go back to the hood and bite my back, what you there for?
(Don't say you love me and then change your mind)
Broke boys hatin' on the king, why would you care for? I'm here for
Everybody that was with me when I had a bad storm (I need someone who understands)
Everybody actin' like they with me, all this glass on
5 a.m. in Philly, ridin' 'round, I got my mask on (I'm just a man, just a man)
These times y'all pass on
Hatin' on your brother life, that's a bad jawn
I ain't seen my son in nights, that's a bad jawn
My homie in another life, that's a bad jawn
5 a.m. in Philly, ridin' 'round, I got my mask on

Scary times
Please, hold me closely in these scary times
Don't tell me you love me and then try to change your mind
I need someone who understands
I'm just a man, I'm just a man

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