Meaning and Lyrics of 5432 by Mel Parsons

Song Lyrics meaning of 5432 by Mel Parsons

About Mel Parsons

Mel Parsons is a New Zealand-based indie folk artist who has been making waves in the Kiwi music scene since the mid-2000s.

Born and raised on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Parsons’ music is deeply influenced by her rural upbringing, infusing her songwriting with a raw, earthy quality.

Her debut album, “Over My Shoulder,” was released in 2009, marking the beginning of a career that would see her become one of New Zealand’s most respected singer-songwriters.

Parsons’ sound blends elements of folk, country, and indie rock, creating a unique sonic landscape that showcases her introspective lyrics and haunting vocals. Her song “5432” is a prime example of her ability to craft intimate, emotionally resonant tracks that stick with listeners long after the final note.

Throughout her career, Mel has toured extensively, both in New Zealand and internationally, sharing stages with artists like Rodrigo y Gabriela and KT Tunstall. Her live performances are known for their raw energy and captivating storytelling.

With multiple awards and nominations under her belt, including nods from the prestigious New Zealand Music Awards, Mel Parsons continues to push the boundaries of folk music, cementing her place as a vital voice in the Australasian music landscape.

Meaning of 5432 by Mel Parsons

The song “5432” by Mel Parsons carries themes of uncertainty, self-doubt, and introspection. The lyrics delve into the vulnerabilities and complexities of human emotions and relationships.

In the first verse, the singer questions her own abilities and the validity of her knowledge. She also expresses anxiety about unreciprocated love and the fear of losing someone important. The reference to a “steady hand and a quiet way” hints at a sense of composure and resilience in the face of these uncertainties.

The chorus, with the countdown from five to two, can be interpreted as a reflection of time passing and the cyclical nature of emotions. The repetition of “Hello love, is that you again?” suggests a recurring pattern of emotions and experiences.

The second verse delves into feelings of anxiety and the physical manifestations of stress, such as tightness in the chest. The struggle to calm oneself and find inner peace is expressed through the lines about trying to breathe and slowing down to take a breath. The questioning of when one will find rest adds to the sense of inner turmoil and the longing for peace of mind.

The third verse reflects on one’s identity in a relationship and the dynamics of love. The uncertainties about one’s role and impact on a partner are expressed through the questions about being the same and being to blame. The imagery of standing on stage, trying to contain one’s emotions and frustrations, paints a picture of internal struggles and external appearances.

The repeated chorus lines, with the addition of “Hello pain, is that you again?” and “Hello sun, is that you again?”, represent a juxtaposition of emotions and experiences. The fluctuation between love, pain, and hope is a poignant portrayal of the ups and downs of life and relationships.

Overall, “5432” by Mel Parsons is a deeply introspective and emotionally rich song that delves into the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and self-discovery.

Lyrics of 5432 by Mel Parsons

Verse 1
What if I can never write another song?
What if all the things I knew were wrong?
What if you don't love me like I love you?
What do we do when it all comes down?
What would I do if you weren't around?
Steady hand and a quiet way

Five, four, three, two
Hello love, is that you again?

Verse 2
I can feel the tightening in my chest
Gotta get me out of my head
Try to breathe when the tightness comes
I am falling over my legs, slow down take a breath
When am I gonna rest?

Five, four, three, two
Hello love, is that you again?
Five, four, three, two
Hello pain, is that you again?

Verse 3
Am I the same to you?
Am I to blame to you?
Am I the same to you?
You just gotta turn up each day
Sometimes it's mud, sometimes it's hay
The sap is seeping through
Standing there up on the stage
Trying hard to hold your rage
Sliding into the rearview

Five, four, three, two
Hello love, is that you again?
Five, four, three, two
Hello pain, is that you again?
Five, four, three, two
Hello sun, is that you again?
Five, four, three, two
Hello love, is that you?

Discography Mel Parsons


Release: 2024-06-07
Popularity: 👏
1. Circling the City
2. Offer Down
3. Sabotage
4. Little Sadness
5. 5432
6. Hoping for Rain
7. Hardest Thing
8. Expectations
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Slow Burn

Release: 2022-09-16
1. Lights
2. Slow Burn
3. Carry On
4. Going Under
5. Already Gone
6. Failure
7. Headland
8. Tunnel Vision
9. Tired of Being You
10. Darkness
11. Still Got Time
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Glass Heart

Release: 2018-11-30
1. Blame
2. I Got the Lonely
3. Glass Heart
4. Just ‘Cause You Don’t Want Me
5. Deadwood
6. Dream Find
7. Breaking
8. Come Over Lover
9. Bottom of the Street
10. What Would You Change
Tracklist Collapse
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