Meaning and Lyrics of 10,000 Claps by Phantogram

Song Lyrics meaning of 10,000 Claps by Phantogram

About Phantogram

Phantogram, the electro-pop duo consisting of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, burst onto the music scene in 2007 with their intoxicating blend of dream pop, trip-hop, and shoegaze.

Hailing from Greenwich, New York, the pair’s childhood friendship blossomed into a musical partnership that would redefine the boundaries of indie electronica. Their debut album, “Eyelid Movies” (2010), showcased their signature sound: hypnotic beats, ethereal vocals, and haunting melodies.

Phantogram’s breakout hit “When I’m Small” catapulted them into the spotlight, leading to collaborations with heavy-hitters like Big Boi and The Flaming Lips. Their 2016 album “Three” marked a darker turn, delving into themes of loss and introspection.

Known for their captivating live performances, Phantogram has graced stages at major festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo. Their track “10,000 Claps” exemplifies their knack for crafting atmospheric soundscapes that are both danceable and introspective.

With each release, Phantogram continues to push the envelope, cementing their status as innovators in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

Meaning of 10,000 Claps by Phantogram

Phantogram’s song “10,000 Claps” presents a mysterious and enigmatic narrative woven through its lyrics, inviting listeners to delve into a world of vivid imagery and emotive undertones.

The opening lines, “10,000 claps for me, 10,000 cats for me,” set the tone with a sense of celebration and abundance. The repetition of these phrases creates a hypnotic effect, drawing the listener into the song’s universe. The mention of seasonal change and stars rearranging suggests a sense of cosmic movement and transformation, adding a layer of depth to the lyrics.

As the song progresses, the imagery becomes more surreal and introspective. The references to rats standing in line and parallel lines evoke a feeling of order and chaos intertwined. The juxtaposition of sparkling nights with sharpening knives creates a sense of unease and tension in the listener, hinting at a dark undercurrent beneath the surface.

The mention of “robbing my stones” and “kissing my grave” introduces a macabre element to the song, hinting at themes of mortality and introspection. The longing expressed in the line “When can you take me back home?” evokes a sense of displacement and yearning for familiarity, adding a poignant touch to the overall narrative.

In conclusion, “10,000 Claps” by Phantogram is a rich tapestry of imagery and emotion, blending elements of celebration, contemplation, and longing. The song invites listeners to interpret its lyrics in their own way, offering a multi-layered experience that resonates on both a visceral and intellectual level.

Lyrics of 10,000 Claps by Phantogram

10,000 claps
10,000 claps for me
10,000 cats
10,000 cats for me
Seasonal change, stars rearrange
Kissing my grave
Why are you bothering me?

10,000 rats
10,000 rats to meet
Standing in line
One at a time, for me
Sparkling night
Sharpening knives
Parallel lines
Taking up all of my time

Wishing away
Robbing my stones
Kissing my grave
When can you take me back home?

Discography Phantogram

Eyelid Movies (Expanded Edition)

Release: 2022-11-11
Label: Barsuk Records
Popularity: 👏
1. Mouthful of Diamonds
2. When I’m Small
3. Turn It Off
4. Running From the Cops
5. All Dried Up
6. As Far As I Can See
7. You Are the Ocean
8. Bloody Palms
9. Futuristic Casket
10. Let Me Go
11. 10,000 Claps
12. Suzie
13. Shotgun Smiles
14. Voices
15. Walk Down
16. Make A Fist – Alternate Version
17. When I’m Small – Lucy’s Mix (Live on KEXP)
18. Voices – Live on WEXT
19. Running From The Cops – Instrumental
20. Mouthful of Diamonds – Instrumental
21. Futuristic Casket – Instrumental
22. 10,000 Claps – Instrumental
23. You Are The Ocean – Instrumental
24. When I’m Small – RAC Remix
25. Mouthful of Diamonds – Michna Remix
26. When I’m Small – Chuck Brody Remix
27. Mouthful of Diamonds – Alan Wilkis Remix
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2020-03-06
Label: Barsuk Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Dear God
2. In A Spiral
3. Into Happiness
4. Pedestal
5. Love Me Now
6. Let Me Down
7. News Today
8. Mister Impossible
9. Glowing
10. Gaunt Kids
11. Ceremony
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2016-10-07
Label: Universal Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Funeral Pyre
2. Same Old Blues
3. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore
4. Cruel World
5. Barking Dog
6. You’re Mine
7. Answer
8. Run Run Blood
9. Destroyer
10. Calling All
Tracklist Collapse

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